Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celebrity Style Inspiration - Best Celebrity Up Do's

An elegant updo has been the go to look for classic sophistication for eons. This year we've seen the look continued with minor twists and changes that add to the romance of this regal look.

 Perfect for a wedding, party or anything Charlize wears a romantic, loose chignon. Taken from the French term  “chignon du cou,” meaning nape of the neck a chignon is essentially a low bun. This particular look is all about texture. Start with touseled hair parted to one side. Tie hair in an off centre ponytail behind one ear low on the neck and gently twist and pin pieces into a loose bun.  Allow some strands to fall and add a jewelled head band. The beauty of this look is that even if your hair does start to fall out it won't look messy...just soft and romantic!

The striking Liu Wen is modern yet classic with her neck grazing knot. The look is sleek and sophisticated. Hair is parted to one side and the knot is again seen off centre behind one ear. This look would be perfect for a bride as it can accommodate a veil with ease. The look is sleek without being uptight and opens up the face to perfection.

 Marion Cotillard took the 1960's style bouffant bun to new heights at the Cannes Film Festival this year. For some this look may be too much but we think Marion carried it off perfectly. There is a softness and some height close to the hair line that keeps this look from being severe. This type of updo requires some help as none of us will have enough hair to recreate this look! There are a number of options online like this one or head to your local wig store. Remember to get a perfect color match it is always recommended to use human hair as it can be matched to your color perfectly.

Mila Kunis gave us an interesting take on the updo with this textured "not quite a bun, bun". Start with soft textured waves, part hair just off center at the front and start twisting and pinning. This look appears to have no obvious ponytail line. The look sits on the nape of the neck creating and almost bob like effect. Because this look is quite intricate and requires eyes in the back of your head to  balance the it this is probably one best left to the professionals. This is a perfect look for the vintage 1920's, 30's art deco inspired bride.

Scarlett Johansson is not known for her long locks but this textured look would have you convinced otherwise. Just goes to show the sophisticated updo is not restricted to longer hair only! The key to recreating this look is texture. The hair is teased to create height and the illusion there is much more hair than there actually is. There is a defined twist at the nape of her neck that can be achieved by pinning pieces of your hair up. Soft waves and twists are sprayed into place in an upward direction at the sides of her head. It's all about the illusion!

The lovely Dianna Agron has opted for a softer take on the milk maid up do. Her style mixes a traditional braid with a fishtail braid. The overall look is very textural with wisps of hair falling out. There is a looseness and softness that makes this look particularly romantic. We prefer the fishtail braid in this instance looks like a beautiful woven crown. Here is a wonderful tutorial by Keiko Lynn  on another version of the braided up do.

What would an updo blog be without featuring the queen of updo's Ms Lopez? J.L knows how to work an updo and one of her favourites is the volumnous high bun. For this look smooth hair down into a sleek ponytail sitting high up on your crown. Again, this is a look that requires some help. You can either opt for a faux bun hair piece or go with a foam donut to give you the volume. The plus side of using the donut is that you don't have to worry about your hair color! Here is a wonderful blog on how to create this look by Hair Romance . Here is a diy link featured on Hair Romance for a very clever sock donut by memybestandi

So ladies, there is no reason we can't all rock that regal bun! Be it your wedding, prom or any ocassion that requires you to put your best foot forward there are a number of options to suit all hair types and face shapes and the modern versions of this classic look is all about romance! Don't forget that beautiful updo also creates the opportunity to show of a beautiful neckline, earrings or jewelled hair pin so don't be afraid to accessorize!!

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