Thursday, August 1, 2013

Missing Months & Lipstick

It's been some time since I've had the inclination to blog. Partly because it's been a very busy few months on my end and partly because I felt quite uninspired. It became increasingly more difficult for me to write about what's trending in fashion and who's wearing what when there was so much turmoil in he world.

Here at GoS we've always tried to keep things lighthearted and fun so writing about anything other than "feel good" seemed quite at odds with what we were trying to do with the blog. The reality of life however is that everyday is not all fluffy clouds and rainbows and perhaps it's ok to talk about what irks us, we are only human after all.

Now that you have the back story about where we've been and why...

Inspiration seems to have come back in some ways and I wanted to kick it off with something as simple as lipstick!!. It is often said that during times of economic downturn the big winners in retail is lipstick. It seems when all else fails and fashion and accessories seems like a frivolity we cannot afford we turn to lipstick to brighten our lives and give us a change.

The beauty of a new lipstick is that it doesn't have to cost much to bring a trend / fashion statement to your look. It's feminine, beautiful and comes in very small packaging making us feel less guilty about our shopping trip.

My current love in lipstick is all things matte and bold - from hot pinks to orange. When it comes to purchasing a "trend" color rather than splurge I always turn to Rimmel London cosmetics. They carry a great range of colors, their products are great quality and best of all the price means I can pick up a few pieces without breaking the bank.
Bold and bright mattes straight from the runway

Whether your look is high gloss or matte the statement lips is all about high color impact
 Kates' Lasting Finish Range for Rimmel London

What is your money saving fashion tip?

Ronelle @ GoS

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty Essentials: Castor Oil

Castor oil, sounds like something you'd find in your grandma's medicine cabinet and it probably is.
But among beauty lovers, both lay and expert it is a certified hit!

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I found my own eye lashes looking a little sparse so I looked for a natural product to boost my re-growth.

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Our eye lashes grow in cycles and fall out and re-grow about once a fort night. I did some research and found glowing reviews of castor oil. Not only is it great for longer, darker and thicker lashes, but you can use it to boost new hair growth on your head or fill out your eye brows too.

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All you need is a Qtip or a clean mascara brush to apply it and voila. Best applied every night before bed since it can make vision a bit blurry and can be a bit messy.

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Feel welcome to share your experiences with Castor Oil.

Mel @ GoS

Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Favorite Fashion and Beauty Apps.

Admittedly, I am on the smartphone phenomena. I live inside the land that time forgot! I avoided the apple craze, dodged the rise of the android... all until I was given my first iPhone in September 2012.

That's right folks, I still have a land line and a desk top computer also. 

I know I know..

Let's just say.. I love my iPhone and have almost completely replaced my trusty and now crusty laptop with it as my sole device for browsing the web. 

I was excited to download my first app not long ago and thought today would be the perfect time to share some amazing fashion and beauty apps with fellow app addicts. What are some of yours? 


The ShopStyle app allows you to browse through 2,000 brands from street to designer according to the colour, price and available discounts. If you're a bargain hunter, you can set up alerts for sales too!!

Go Try It On

If you like a second opinion but find yourself shopping alone, the go try it on app provides you with a community of fashion lovers who will give you just that, a second opinion. Simply upload your pic and let the opinions roll in.

Upper Street

Uh, Ronelle would love this app. This app allows you to custom create your own shoes and order them direct. Choose your style, height and colour all from one easy to use interface.

Pretty in my pocket

Is a social network that helps you choose beauty products based on user reviews, looks and tutorials.


iPhone Screenshot 2

Upload, save and share your favorite personal looks. The app comes with a bunch of great editing tools to make your photographs stand out.

Mel @ GoS

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Oh, it has been a long time!
Between making new pieces for the collection, we at GoS have been busy. There's been some traveling, some family do's, some making up and breaking up, tears and sneers and lots of laughs in between.
I have realized I am an totally obsessed pet mother and will look for any excuse to take pictures of the babies, even of their clothes hanging out to dry!
I look forward to sharing more things we love very soon. Expect pets, beer and automobiles.
We hope all our readers are well and that we can reconnect soon. Send us a comment and let us know if there is anything you'd like to see on GoS.
We can't wait to catch you all up.

Mel - GoS .. Potaaattooooooo

Monday, May 6, 2013


Another big trend of the night was black and white - two tone dressing and it was glamorous all the way. These looks are worthy of any red carpet!

Strikingly beautiful and utterly flawless Blake Lively dazzled in her highly detailed two tone creation.

Gwen Stefani looked somewhat familiar in her midriff baring black and white ensemble with it's bodice looking like a beautiful gift all wrapped up.
Leelee Sobieski has such a presence about her and she does not fail to deliver yet again in this marvelously simple gown brought to life by the sheer detailed sleeves. She is always effortlessly beautiful and dramatic.
Ronelle @ GoS



Let's face it, punk in it's truest form is jarring, trashy, non conformist, anti social and mostly just plain ugly so perhaps this next group of ladies were the ones who really got the theme of the night right.... so here it is in all it's ugly glory!!
Sarah Jessica Parker looked like the queen of crazy punkdom. With a mohawke crown, black tulle, tartan boots and abstract printed gown she is all of the above. I actually love the gown on it's own but can someone please tell Ms. Parker no-one ever wants to see her lace panties again!!!

One of the few to rival S.J.P's attention grabbing eyesore was Madonna... yep... need we say more??

Ronelle @ GoS


There were a few daring ladies who really embraced the punk theme of this years ball opting for darker moody looks.

At the top of my list was Anne Hathaway. Giving us a glam punk look with her newly bleached locks and peek a boo black gown with feather details I can see Anne behind a mic being a glamorous anarchist.

Fishnet and punk has always gone hand in hand. Miley Cyrus embraced the theme with her piercing spiked hair do and slinky gown giving us another glam take on punk.
Rosie Huntington Whiteley took my break away in this moody, slinky gown. The fluidity of the skirt and the feathers evokes images of the decadent 1920's. Then there's that fishnet bodice - just glorious!!

Ronelle @ GoS