Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmys 2012 Red Carpet Trends - Burgundy

Burgundy has made its return from the style wilderness in recent times. Our first introduction to it was in the form of lipsticks coming through in deep shades of plum and wine. Much like red burgundy comes in a number of shades with different undertones.

Tina Fey was a standout in a Vivienne Westwood fitted gown. With it's purple undertones the dress was striking hugging her figure in all the right places. She kept her makeup neutral and jewelry minimal as the ebroidered detail across her bust was just enough "showiness". We love this sexy take on burgundy.

Jena Malone was another knockout in her deep wine colored J. Mendel gown with draping and sky high split. We love this look because it reminds us of a gladiator goddess. She kept that theme going with her metallic cuff heels. Overall the look is strong and effortless at the same time.

Mayiam Bailik wore a custom Pamella Rolland gown. We love the color, we love the gathered detail at the waist, we love the sheer long sleeves but paired with the fussy cowl neck we feel it is more suited to a woman 30 years her senior. Perhaps Dame Judy Dench? This dress cried out for a little bit of skin. Changing that neckline to a v would have changed this look completely and instead of nanna couture this look would have been Old Hollywood Glamour.

Funny woman Julia Louise Dreyfuss was a head turner in a custom Vera Wang. We love the tulle wrapping and peek a boo bustier. This dress is simple perfection.

So what have we learned about burgundy? It's not only a good color for wine and lipsticks. It does tend to draw the over 30's crowd but this color is rich and warm and can be modern if the details are kept simple and striking. A great alternative to red that can sometimes be too over the top or daring look to burgundy for something sexy and mysterious.

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Emmys 2012 Red Carpet Trends - Gray

Gray has always been a favorite of ours for evening wear. It is a great alternative to black and does not seem to date. It comes in a range of shades but finding the right one for your coloring is very important.

Sarah Hyland designed her soft grey dress with Marchesa. The draping across the bust and gathered detail at the waist is reminiscent of a bygone era. Definitely not a look for everyone but we think this spritely young lady looked sweet.

Emily Vancamp has been one of televisions most watched fashionistas this year and we looked forward to seeing her red carpet style. As much as we love her gray J. Mendel gown with it's sheer panels and tulle we feel the look is somewhat lost on Emily.  We much prefer the original design with it's sheer skirt and slightly darker detailed bodice. Emilys makeup is also too neutral for this color and her skintone making everything a bit one dimensional and flat.

Morena Baccarin was the real winner in the gray stakes in her stunning Basil Soda evening gown. The color was perfect against her skintone and dark locks. She complimented her beautiful gown with gray eyeshadow and a plum lip.

Gray carries an understated glamour. Make sure to find your perfect shade of gray and add some color in your makeup for drama. A red lip is the perfect accessory to a gray gown!


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Emmys 2012 Red Carpet Trend - Orange

One of our favorite trends for the evening was definitely orange! We saw citrus earlier this year at the Met Ball and it is another color that seems to be here to stay and why not when it demands attention the way it does?!

Lindsay Pulsipher looked like a goddess in a Bibhu Mohapatra draped gown. We love the simplicity and effotlessness of the overall look. Her peachy toned makeup paired with this gown gave her a beautiful natural glow. Very romantic!

Padma Lakshmi did not dissappoint in a Monique Lhullier resort 2013 fit and flare gown. One of our favorites for the evening Padma kept it simple with peachy/bronze makeup, soft waves and minimal accessories. Just dreamy!

Ginnifer Goodwin showed us how this color can be taken from one extreme to another. Not only does it work on beautifully tanned skin this alabaster maiden looked smashing in another Monique Lhullier resort 2013 gown. Her overall look was modern perfection with just that little bit of edge with her cropped hair and dark earrings.

Get your orange on ladies. It is bold, sexy and makes a statement!

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Emmys 2012 Red Carpet Trends - Yellow

Yellow showed strong on the red carpet at the 2012 Emmy awards proving that this bright and fun color is not just for a sunny afternoon in the park. Earlier this year we saw the yellow trend at the Met Ball and this just goes to show this one is here to stay.

Julianne Moore strutted the red carpet in a Dior Couture skirt and topens ensemble that has the critics divided. We love this look on Julianne. She looks young and vibrant! With the strong lip and and relaxed locks Julianne looks modern and like she does not take herself too seriously. The color compliments her coloring perfectly.

Kaley Cuoco wore a lovely Angel Sanchez creation with an architectural peplum. We love the dress but we feel this dress would have been better suited to someone taller.

Claire Danes was a real surpise package in a strapless Lanvin gown with gathered waist detail. The dress was simple and effortless and who would have guessed she's hiding a baby bump under there? Definitely one of her strongest moments on the red carpet. We love that she's looking sunkissed and healthy!

Hannah Simone dropped by in an Emilio Pucci Couture one strap number. The color works great against her coloring unfortunately the fit is all wrong in the bust area.

When choosing this trend for yourself add a pop of color to your lips and keep it fun and interesting.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breaking A Style Rut - It's All In The Details

I've always admired women who change their look and style regularly. It speaks to their personality, confident women who are willing to try new things. Although I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to fashion myself I do find it very easy to fall in a rut. That's because it's easy to go with what you know works.

Being in a style rut came to the forefront of my mind in this last week as I watched the Duchess of Cambridge step out time and time again in a look I feel like I've seen a million times before. Yes, she always looks polished and pretty and she is very obviously sticking with what works for her shape. That predictability however can make it seem like there is a lack of personality there. For me her style always seems girly and as a woman who is 30 years old I feel like she is not yet confident enough in herself to enjoy being a woman and really playing with fashion. Am I reading too much into her simple belted a-line dresses and sensible shoes?

Now there is nothing wrong with having a signature look. Princess Mary of Denmark is another royal with a signature hairstyle who knows how to keep us guessing with her fashion. Always appropriate, always fashionable she is every inch the modern woman and slightly underrated in the style stakes. She keeps her look up to date and makes it her own with great details and accessories!

But how do we break a rut?

I've had long hair for several years now and even though the urge for change arises every few months I can never quite bring myself to do anything drastic. The reality is breaking a rut does not need to be that frightening, it could be as simple as taking down your everyday ponytail, changing your lipstick and blush or being daring with your accessories. It's all in the details. Most of these changes are noticeable but not permanent so there is no need for fear.

Look at what's trending and incorporate elements of it into your everyday style. If the thought of a neon / pastel dress against your skin is frightening opt for trending colors in a purse, bangle or shoes. If you dread wearing heels opt for kitten heels that keep you low to the ground and are not too difficult to walk on but are effortlessly feminine. Alternatively opt for wedges that give you the support and height for that long, lean silhouette. Instead of your ponytail or bun in the office opt for a simple braid or add a hair accessory just to change things up. Now see, is it really that hard to break rut? ;)

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What's the GoS - Katie Holmes First Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

We were quite intrigued to hear the announcement that Katie Holmes would be the first ever celebrity face of  Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

Having launched the label in 1991 the line was snapped up by Estee Lauder a short four years later because it is just that good!. In our humble opinion Bobbi Brown was one of the leading labels that was accessible to the wider public that actually catered to the coloration of the wider public. One of the reasons it never really needed a celebrity face to bring it to the forefront.

In a statement about Katies new appointment Bobbi Brown said - “Katie Holmes epitomizes the modern ‘Bobbi woman’… I think of her as the modern day Ali McGraw, who I have always admired,” says Bobbi Brown, “Katie is a classic natural beauty, entrepreneur, and mother. When I met her, I thought she was a natural fit for my brand, and felt an instant connection with her because we have so much in common.”

We have to agree wholeheartedly with Bobbi. Katie is a natural beauty and comes across as a hardworking mum, something that resonates with modern women across the globe. Her recent step away from Tom Cruise has shown she is capable, assertive and strong, fitting in perfectly with their catch phrase "pretty powerful".

Visually Katie is effortlessly pretty and her minimalist make up allows that natural beauty to shine through. We think Katie is the perfect ambassador for a brand that focusses on individual beauty. We look forward to seeing how we can all recreate that effortless beauty.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Fail Friday - MTV Video Music Awards

It's been a while since we've put together a Fashion Fail Friday but thanks to the MTV Video Music Awards we didn't have to look very far.

One of the stand out trends of the night was over processed hair. There is only one lady who pulls this hair off for me and that is Gwen Stefani. One of the reasons it is an epic fail is that it's been done to death, it's boring, unoriginal and really does not look good on many people. So let this be a lesson.... Here's one trend that we probably shouldn't latch onto. People who have hairdressers and stylist in tow on a daily basis can't get it right!
To kick off the F.F.F we have Miley Cyrus. Poor thing always seems to feature in this section on our blog and it's nothing personal she just manages to get it so wrong when she gets it wrong. Let's face it, we need say nothing about that hair. The silliness speaks for itself. Paired with the very slinky black dress with witchy poo hemline it is all a bit bride of Frankenstein. Perhaps Miley is getting ready for Halloween early!

Dear, dear Ke$ha... I'm not sure why she was at these awards. I'm not even sure she is musically relevant but the lady showed us why she is not "fashionably" relevant. With hair the same color as her skin ... ashen ... all I get from this look ages her by about 30 years. I know it was the height of fashion to have gray hair for about a minute a while ago but even then the look makes no sense. Unless you are naturally gray why would you do this to yourself??? The outfit needs no commentary, baggy... saggy, unflattering and pidgeon toed. I know there's a pretty girl under there she just needs a real stylist to bring her out!

I have a soft spot for Amber Rose. I know she is a striking woman and she is one of the few women who should wear short hair but I'm a little tired of this super white hair. I think it's time for a change!

Finally, Pink. Little Miss Astro Boy herself. Pink was one of the forerunners with the shaved sides and super blonde pompadour. It's all part of the fun but it's a look that's hard to wear prettily or elegantly and it's all a bit .. "dime a dozen" these days... *yawn*

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trend Spotting - Celebrity Style Embroidery

We are so delighted to see some of our favorite fashion trends going strong and being worn beautifully on the red carpet. Look for features such as lace, sheer fabric, embroidery, over the knee styles and sleeves to get in on what's trending.

Zoe Saldana is always a favorite with her infectious smile and she did not let us down with her latest outing for the premier of "The Words". The lovely actress wore one of our favorite designers - Elie Saab. Her gold embroidered lace dress from the Fall 2012 couture collection was perfectly ladylike with it's over the knee length and three quarter sleeves. There is a hint of sexiness in the silhouette cut close to her frame and the sheer aspects of the dress. Beautifully done Zoe!

Selena Gomez continued the trend in a Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 dress featuring sheer fabric, embroidery and lace. We love the overall styling and would love to add this dress to our wardrobe. Even though we are amongst the biggest fans of ladylike dressing we do feel this is a tad too mature for someone as young as Selena...perhaps it's just the color?  Considering this was a photocall for her new movie "Spring Breakers" something a little more playful with all the same details would have been more suitable. Other than that the look is flawless.
Vanessa Hudgens was cute as a button and ever so ladylike when she hit the red carpet with Selena Gomez for "Spring Breakers" in this darling black and white 50's style dress from Blumarine. We love the black embroidered leaf overlay and the sheer boat neck detail. This is one of those perfect dresses that can be worn by women in a range of ages and is flattering to a number of shapes.

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Things We Love - Lab Created Diamonds

Although diamond growing technology has been around for more than 50 years gem quality stones have only been achievable in more recent years. Lab created diamonds are a wonderful socially conscious alternative to mined diamonds, or in other words conflict free diamonds. Lab created diamonds are every bit as unique as mined diamonds and receive the same level of care and precision during the cutting and polishing process.
Less than two percent of the mined diamonds in the world are classified as type IIa meaning the purest type of all diamonds however Gemesis lab created colorless diamonds are ALL type IIa certified!
Not only are lab created diamonds conflict free they are also eco friendly for environmentally conscious bride to be. Gemesis boasts a significantly smaller carbon output and environmental impact than that of mined diamonds.
Lab diamonds are not only beautiful and share the same chemical properties as mined diamonds but they are also virtually guilt free.
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