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Beach Wedding Elegance 2012 - Wedding Dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses

A beach wedding screams casual, relaxed, natural and the great outdoors. Think a beach wedding can't be formal? Think again, take the class and sophistication of a traditional white wedding outdoors by looking for elegant and romantic details.

The perfect beach wedding dress is usually a column or a-line dress. Both these styles are easy to wear and allows freedom of movement. Look for fabrics that move, are light and won't crease easily as a beach wedding usually requires some travel.


An aline dress literally falls away from the waist in an "A" frame. We simply adore the modern twist on this beach wedding bridal gown. It combines all the essentials of a traditional wedding dress with an A-line silhouette and ruched chiffon. The single strap with flower detail and sweep train add glamour.

Here we have another sleek dress with beautiful dipped back. The jewelled detail framing the back adds glamour to this simple style. The short sweep train is a perfect balance of sophistication and elegance without sacrificing ease of movement. You could literally run down the beach in this beautiful style and still look like a star ;)


The column (or sheath) dress is what we call a straight dress. It hugs the figure around the torso but falls straight down from the waist. Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 gave us a beautiful selection of very sophisticated gowns that kept the cuts simple and elegant but played up the details. Here we have Edie, a classic column dress with jewelled bodice  and net detail.

A beach wedding does not mean you have to miss out on beautiful, classic lace. Here Carolina gave us another beautiful column dress with chantilly lace all over. This dress can be kept minimal or you can add a jewelled belt or statement necklace at your reception to kick up the glamour a notch. 

Let's not forget the beautiful bridemaids. Keep the same rules in mind when picking dresses for your bridal party. Look for soft, cool colors in beautiful fabrics that are easy to wear.


Full length gowns keep that formal, sophisticated edge. This sweetheart neckline with twist detail adds interest to a simple gown.

One shoulder detail is still a strong trend. Again, it's all about the small details like a little frill and soft pleating. Soft pastels work beautifully in the outdoors against the blue sky.

A tea length dress can be just as sophisticated as a full length gown. Look for beautiful details like sweetheart necklines and belting. The swing skirt on this dress keeps the look light and summery and will be a hit at the after party when the ladies kick up their heels on the dancefloor.

 Strapless is not the only way to go. Sleeveless or halterneck dresses are a great alternative. This beautiful bright dress has a wonderful ruffle detail that is flattering and is easy to wear.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hottest Bridal Trends For Spring 2013

In showings for Spring 2013 bridal trends there are a few standouts. Here are just a few samples of the wonderful new designs and features brides can look forward to in the near future.


Be it dramatic and bold reds or blacks or soft pastels brides are spoilt for choice. Your color theme no longer need only apply to your decor!

Maggie Sottero delivered a beautiful soft pink strapless gown with ruffle detail. Perfect for the bride who wants to wear color but still wants to keep it light.

Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld gave us a softer take on the color trend by giving us a soft mix of traditional white with pink accents.


The back of the wedding dress will be getting just as much attention as the front in upcoming seasons. When you consider walking down the aisle and having everyone looking at your back for at least part of the ceremony it all makes sense.

Anna Maier took the portrait back literally by creating a beautiful lace frame on the back.

Reem Acra continued the illusion style neckline on the back in this beautifully detailed gown.


The flattering peplum trend has seen its way from the red carpet to our every day wear and now it takes pride of place on the bride.

Alfred Angelo balanced out his peplum at the waist with a fluted hem and contrasting belt detail.

Amsales offering was a modern take on the peplum creating an soft angular effect in this beautiful ivory gown with 3d flower detail and fluted hem.


Everything old is new again with Lace Nouveau as we see the lace trend continue in new cuts and designs.

Christos gave us a bold take on the trend with this full skirted gown completely covered in lace.

Ines Di santo gave us a sexy take in a sleek all over lace gown with contrasting lace patterns.


Transformer gowns have nothing to do with the movies. It's all about a 2fer gown - a gown that starts out looking one way and with a removal of a piece here and there turns into a whole other gown. This style is perfect for those who want a dramatic look for their ceremony but want something simpler and different for their reception. Why buy two gowns when you can get two for the price of one with a transformer? ;)

Monique Lhuillier gave us this dramatic gown with it's tulle overlay skirt and sleek lace gown peeking from underneath taking us from a virtual ball gown to a column dress in the blink of an eye.

Ines Di Santo gave us this simply elegant look with high neck lace dipped capelet. The lace is easily removed to show off a sleek and elegant gown. Adding a striking necklace or jewelled belt after removing the lace would completely transform this look.

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Bridal trends 2012 - Vintage inspired wedding dresses

This year we've seen vintage bridal wear come through strong with designers. 1920s and 30's inspired gowns are characterized by luxurious fabrics such as silks and chiffon. During this era women wore full length evening gowns often with trains and open back detail. It was a time of big bands and dancing and that fluidity is still visible in todays versions. To embrace this style look for figure hugging gowns in liquid fabrics that move with the body. Crystal detailing, beading and lace were also common in this era.

This Marchesa Fall 2012 design is heavily inspired by the eras art deco style. This dress has an illusion neckline, geometric patterned bodice and soft tulle net draping.

Enzoanis Fall 2012 collection brought together the eras slinky, liquid silk form that hugs the body. It features an art deco inspired waist detail  with a lace cape style over lay and lace detailing at the hem.

Pronovias Fall 2012 gave us their take on the era with a luxurious long sleeve silk wrap gown. This dress is both modest and sexy at the same time.

This Marchesa Fall 2012  gown creates sleek silhouette. The rosette sleeve detail creates a strong shoulder remininscent of 1940's designs mixing two glamourous eras for a simple yet dramatic gown.

The 1950's and 60's saw a big shift in silhouettes. It was the time of poodle skirts and petticoats. We went from sleek figure hugging looks to big, bold ball gowns that are characterized by a fitted bodice with full skirt. Look for full skirts with layers of tulle creating a distinct waist and volume from the waist down. Halternecks, v-necks and boat necks are true to the eras designs.

Jim Hjelm Fall 2012 gave us this beautiful gown with deep v neck and jewel encrusted bodice falling away at the waist into a full skirt.

Amsale Fall 2012 gave us this simply beautiful boat neck ball gown with contrasting, layered tulle full skirt.

A full skirted ballgown can be overwhelming on a small frame. However it does not mean you can't embrace this flattering style if you are petite. Tea length full skirt dresses are a perfect option. The tea length skirt generally sits above the ankle and below the knee.

Matthew Christoper gave us a very modern take on the tea length wedding dress in his 2012 collection with this sweetheart neckline gown that sits a few inches above the ankle.

Jenny Packham Fall 2012 gave us a very youthful take on the tea length dress. Sitting just below the knee the skirt is full without being overwhelming and incorporates the boat neck that was so popular in that era.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hair inspiration for the vintage bride

When we think of the vintage bride we think of movie stars and some of the most iconic eras such as the  1920's, 30's and 50's. The vintage bride takes her inspiraton from these eras and everything inbewteen to bring a touch of old school glamour to her special day. Here a a few examples of beautiful vintage inspired hair styles for the modern vintage bride.

Medium To Long Hair 
 Soft, brushed out waves parted on the side evoke memories of old Hollywood screen sirens. This look works well when hair is brought over on one shoulder exposing the back of your dress.

This style looks great with an embellished hair piece that sits to one side of the hair, close to the hairline with a birdcage or simple veil.

Brushed out waves work well with medium hair lengths too. The key to this simple hair style is to use embellishments in your hair. Here we have a 50's style birdcage veil with flower detail and an art deco crystal hair pin with chain and pearl detail. The hair itself is parted in the middle creating a soft, romantic look opening up the whole face.

The updo is a wedding classic. Here we have two styles that suit medium to long hair lengths. From L-R we have a classic twist with side parted fringe and a low soft twist with some volume on the crown. What brings both these looks into the vintage theme are the hair embellishments. When thinking of 1920's or 30's vintage ideas look for art deco inspired items containing pearls, crystals or lace work. These looks can be bold enough to wear without a veil. If you do opt for a strong hair piece but still want a veil opt for a light simple veil that won't clash with your embellished piece.

From L-R we have a modern take on the 1920's finger wave. These versions are softer than the traditional finger waves combined with low twists. Finger waves are generally parted on the side. The look is soft and feminine and draws attention to the face. This look requires beautiful crystal pins to complete the glamourous look and would still work well with most veils.

The classic 1950's style updo is all about volume. From L-R we have a sleek beehive style updo with a flattened front and volume high on the crown. The style is accencuated by an alice band with crystal bow detail on the side. Next we have a classic pompadour at the front with embellished band detail and a voluminous wavey bun.

Short Hair
Here we have shorter bob style with a vintage edge. The hair is parted on the side with one side swept behind the ear, a perfect position to place a beautiful hair piece. The front of the hair is slightly coiffed and the bob is kept volumnous down the bottom. This look can be recreated with longer hair as well buy tucking your hair into a faux bob. 

Here we have another take on the soft finger wave that is perfect for shorter hair styles. Again, hair is parted on the side but it's kept close to the crown and vintage inspired embellishments are used to add drama.

All About Embellishement
For a striking look that works on short or long hair opt for a style that focusses on a highly detailed embellished piece. This is perfect for the vintage bride who does not want to wear a traditional tiara or veil. This look is perfect with sleek 1920's and 30's wedding dresses.

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How to get perfect skin for your wedding day

Who doesn't love a wedding? Here at GoS we certainly do so we decided it's high time we devote some time to all things "bridal". We've decided to kick off our series of bridal blogs with something that might not be the most fun but is certainly one of the most important factors in your overall beauty on your wedding day... your skin!

Beautiful skin is something that does not happen overnight. Most of us have a daily routine but it can be hard to find that extra time to truly pamper ourselves. Getting ready for your big day is the perfect excuse!

Achieving beautiful, glowing, youthful skin for your wedding day requires some pre-planning. It is highly recommended to start your wedding skin care routine a month before your big day at the very least. If you are starting a new routine with all  new products please keep in mind that your skin may not react the way you expect so allow yourself the time to recover from any break outs if your skin has a reaction. The same rules apply if you are getting a facial. Allow yourself at least a few days before the wedding as facials draw out impurities and can cause breakouts and spotting for up to ten days after the treatment.

Skin care analysis
The best way to start off your all important beauty regime is to have a skin analysis. This can be done at any department store beauty counter. You may need to book in an appointment or you may be able to walk in right off the street. A skin analysis is generally free of charge. The good thing about going down this route is that a skincare routine will be designed specifically for your skin type be it oily, dry or combination. You may be able to take away some product samples to try before you buy and if you do purchase products on the day and have a reaction you can take them back.

Basic skin care routine
The most basic skin care routine generally consists of a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser. This routine will be done twice a day, every day. Depending on your skin type a scrub / exfoliator / mask or deep cleanser may be recommended once or twice a week. These types of treatements go further than a general cleanse but need to be done with caution as over working your skin can cause it to become dry and that can lead to break outs and reactions.

Added to this general routine you will need to use a daily sunscreen to protect all the hard work you're putting in. You will need a night cream or serum that works on your skin while you sleep as well as a serum for your eye area. Is this sounding like hard work yet? The truth is, it's not that hard. Once you have the products you need and know how to use them the hard work is done.

The costs of a great skin care routine can vary greatly but it certainly does not have to break the bank. There are a number of products you can purchase from your local pharmacy or supermarket that do great work provided you know what your skin type is. Keep in mind that this is probably the biggest day in your life. Your skin is a small investment in the scheme of planning a wedding. A small investment that will pay off in your photos as beautiful skin will give you the perfect canvas to work on and will give you the confidence to pull off any look.

Now that you have your skin care routine down pat don't forget your skin reacts to other factors as well, it's not all about what you put on the outside. Eating a well balanced diet with lots of colorful foods, drinking 2 litres of water a day, getting regular exercise and enough sleep is just as important as a skin care regime.

Keep your eye on our blog as we'll be bringing you some tips for the diy and budget conscious bride in the series and we'll include some great natural beauty secrets you can throw together in your kitchen ;)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to take your own measurements for vintage or online shopping

If you're a vintage lover like us or someone who purchases clothing online often you have surely faced the issue of sizing head on.

Today we have put together a comprehensive guide to getting the best out of your measurements.

What you need to start
To start you will need a flexible measuring tape such as a dressmakers tape or a cloth one. A piece of paper with all the measurements you require written down and a pen. Write down your measurements after each measurement is taken.

How to ensure accurate measurements
The most accurate way to start measuring is against your skin. I personally take my measurements before every purchase as women can have slight fluctuations. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight. It is recommended to add a half an inch for breathing space or put your thumb between your skin and measuring tape. Make sure the measuring tape is wrapped around you evenly for each measurement by measuring in front of a mirror. Remember there is no point in cheating on your measurements as it will only lead to an ill fitting item. You are better off getting something slightly more generous that can be altered than getting something too small.

Bust / Chest - to measure your bust wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. The tape should go directly over your nipples, under your armpits and back around to the starting point to give you a full circumference of your chest. Always consider the bra you would wear with the garment as many bras these days have fillers. If the garment you are measuring for is something like a strapless evening gown or wedding dress that last detail is extremely important.

Waist - your natural waist falls below your rib cage and above your belly button. Place the start of your tape above your belly button and bring it all the way round. Make sure you are relaxed and not breathing in or holding in your stomach as this will produce an innacurate measurement.

Hip - to measure your hips start by placing the start of the tape on one hip and bring it all the way around the fullest part of your buttocks and bring it back around.

In most cases the measurements above will be enough but you may need further measurements if you're having something tailor made or purchasing a particular garment. Other measurements are as follows.

Inseam - the inseam is the measurement from the uppermost inner part of your thigh to the bottom of your ankle. To measure your inseam place the start of your tape at your crotch and bring it down to below your ankle. The inseam is one measurement you can do on another garment as this measurement will not really change once you're a full grown adult. To get the inseam measurement from another pair of pants choose a pair that fits you perfectly and sits against your crotch (a loose pair of pants will give you an innacurate measurement). Measure from crotch to hem.

Thigh - to get an accurate measurement place the tape on the fullest part of your thigh and bring it all the way around.

Upper arm - place your tape around the widest part of your upper arm and bring it all the way around.

Sleeve length - sleeve length is another measurement that can be taken directly from a garment that fits perfectly. Start your measurement from the back middle of the collar, measure along the shoulder to the seam of you sleeve. Write down that measurement and measure from the sleeve seam to the hem. Add the two measurements together for sleeve length.

If you are measuring against your body bend your elbow and place your hand on your hip. Place your tape start at the middle back of your neck as before and bring it all the way down to your wrist. This measurement usually needs the help of another person.

When purchasing a full length evening gown when determining the length of the dress consider the actual shoe height you'll be wearing as this can make a significant difference to how the dress looks on. In the case of having an item custom made there are other measurements that are required as presented in the image below.

If taking your measurements yourself is overwhelming you can always go directly to a tailor, a seamstress, bridal store or a clothing alterations shop. They may have a small fee but you will get the most accurate outcome.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Steal Her Style - Gwen Stefani Street Style Chinos under $100

Yesterday Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale stepped out and showed us how to be effortlessly stylish on the side walk. We love Gwens' casual but sexy boyfriend chino style because it's easy to recreate and eay to wear.

Gwen wears cuffed Levis Made and Crafted Chinos with a sleeveless white top and a pair of strappys from her very own L.A.M.B collection. She's kept the look light and summery with her oversized cat eye sunglasses, a soft snakeskin clutch and orange blazer slung over her arm. Teamed with her trademark red lip and gold spike choker she is every inch the star.

Here are a few ways to bring this look to your wardrobe.
From L-R Topshop dipped hem sleeveless white shirt $49. For a slightly different take on the look we have  Topshop grandpa style big pocket shirt $55

From L - R Asos peg leg chino with belt $76.52. Topshop petite chino on special at $25. Alternatively if you want that low slung look Gwen is rocking steal a pair of your boyfriends chinos.. it's FREE!

This look is great for all shapes and sizes.
The Asos Curve collection has sizes ranging from 18 - 26 for those of us who are more curvaceous. From L-R Asos Curve elastic cuff pant in stone. For a different take on the look we have Asos Curve lace yoke sleeveless top at $59.52. Asos Curve collarless chiffon blouse $54.42.

Don't forget to throw on some fantastic accessories to finish off your look.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrity Style Inspiration - How To Make Ombre Hair Work For You

Ombre hair seems to have been reincarnated in various forms for some time now be it dip dyed, two toned...etc...etc....

It's a look that we've had  a hard time getting our heads around over here at GoS simply because we're not big on "regrowth". Generally the ombre look can appear to look like lazy hair care in the form of bad regrowth. On looking a little deeper however we've found some wonderful examples of the ombre look actually working.

Tips For Making Ombre Hair Work For You

1) For long hair the ombre look works best when it is kept tonal. Keep the shade difference between 1 and three shades lighter than your natural shade for a softer look.

2) Keep in mind where the graduation of your color begins and how strong the color change is because if you make a big difference to your hair color you quite often need to change your make up color to suit.

3) For the best outcome take a picture of the look you want to your hairdresser and discuss exactly what you're after.

4) If you must try this look yourself don't be over confident. Start with subtle changes and work on the look over time.

Here are some lovelies who have embraced the trend well.

Whitney Ports Ombre locks start darker at the top and starts graduating above the eyeline. This creates a natural, soft sunkissed look that frames her face beautifully.

Lauren Conrad opted for a slightly bolder ombre look with the color graduation beginning just below shoulder height. This has allowed her to go quite light on her ends while keeping her natural color all around her face. This means Lauren does not have to change her make up and the overall look is softer.

Lily Aldrige is a brunetter that's made ombre work for her. The key to Lily's look is she's given some very slight highlights framing her face allowing the lighter hair to graduate at slightly different heights. This softens the overall look without being too stark a contrast.

Khloe Kardashian has opted for reddish / copper tones with her look. The look works as she's kept her natural dark hair framing her face with soft highlights graduating into lighter shades on her tips.

Ombre hair is not only for long hair! The look works a treat on shorter bob styles when done correctly. Alexa Chung is a great example. Her look is very subtle with soft hightlights just around her cheekbones down into a shade lighter on her ends. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the ombre look without making a very dramatic change.

Olivia Wilde is adorable with a slightly bolder look. She's started off with very soft hightlights at her roots and through her fringe with the lighter shades coming in stronger around her eye level.

Miley Cyrus is the boldest out of this lot with a strong contrast of mousey brown roots into blonde tips. Her graduation of color beigns just below eye level. This look might be too strong for some but being young this look works well for Miley. With this length of hair this bolder look stops just short of being too much.

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Embrace Pastels and Earth Tone Trends 2012

As we look ahead a season to trends for Spring / Summer 2012 colors such as pale pastels & earth tones and are dominating. Choosing a "trend" color can be daunting as quite often not every color suits every person. The beauty of these trends are that there is something for everyone.

A great way to embrace trend colors is by incorporating it through your accessories or even make up. This allows you to make that color statement for the season without over committing. It is also a cost effective way of getting in on what's trending.


Get trending in pale pinks, mint green, baby blues, soft teal and yellow


Get in on the trend in oranges, coppers, browns, violet, ochre, wine, plums and peach.

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