Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Derby Day Trends 2012

Derby day kicks off November 3rd and for some it will be considered the single most important day on the racing calendar. We've chosen a few pieces to get you started if you haven't already picked your Derby day ensemble, although with classic black and white the options are endless.

Fillies Collection - Pillbox cocktail hat

Fillies Collection Pillbox cocktail hat rrp: $269

The top five headwear looks for Derby Day

Maison Michel headband, rrp: $323

Jane Lamerton ponti peplum rrp: $149.00

Trent Nathan Contrast trim dress rrp: $169

Wayne Cooper Zimba sandal rrp: $129.95

Windsor Smith Milan black sandal rrp: $99.95

Nude footwear romance black/peal pump rrp: $149.95

Morgan & Taylor - Oval Stripe Clutch in Black MBA48

Morgan and Taylor clutch rrp: $84.95

Basque Carissa clutch rrp: $89.95

Vintage Little Black Pencil Dress

Vintage Little Black Pencil Dress

GoS: Vintage Little Black Pencil Dress

Handmade Natural black and white agate necklace and earring gift set

GoS :Handmade Natural black and white agate necklace and earring gift set

Handmade Recycled black and gold statement necklace with tassel detail

GoS: Handmade Recycled black and gold statement necklace with tassel detail

Featured Items can be purchased at Myer

Mel @ GoS

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Designer Brands Moisturising Primer Review

Today I'm kicking off my first review for our blog and I wanted to start with one of the building blocks of great makeup - PRIMER! Firstly, I have sensitive, combination skin with large pores and I'm prone to breakouts :( Needless to say I have to be very careful with what I put on my face. In the past I've used Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher which worked well to smooth my skin, fill my pores and extend my makeup but did require me to blot in warmer weather. At around $80 - $100 for 30ml it was quite pricey and I don't wear makeup everyday making it difficult to get through the 30ml, I needed an alternative!

A few months ago I took a chance on a homegrown product from Designer Brands Cosmetics. It is their Pre - Foundation Moisturising Primer RRP $14.99, I got it on special at $12.00. 

It is a 28ml plastic pump bottle making it very easy to use. The primer applies clear and glides on very smoothly leaving a film on the skin.When using it I use much less moisturiser as it does exactly what it's name says and moisturises without being greasy. I use it under my mineral powder foundation and have always considered it a great alternative to moisturiser but never expected too much from it as a primer because it was so cheap. For my skin with its super oily patches I need to blot once or twice during the day when wearing this primer. Because of that blotting I occasionally need to touch up my makeup.


I took this product for granted until a few days ago when in a rush I forgot to prime. And oh what a difference I saw! I'm so used to putting on my makeup that I barely paid any attention until I stepped into a bright light and saw the size of my pores!! YIKES!! Not only were they like craters, my makeup was blotchy. Not a great start to the day but being in a rush I didn't try doing my makeup again. As the day wore on I noticed I did not need to blot as I usually do when I wear this primer but my makeup didn't last very long either. So here's the long and short of it.


* Acts as a moisturiser just as it claims
* Fills and smooths pores well
* Creates a smooth base to apply makeup on
* Extends makeup wear
* It does not irritate my sensitive skin
* It is super cheap!


* If you have oily or combination skin you will have to blot

I will continue to use this product because as much as I loved Estee Lauders Idealist I still had to blot with that one too and this one is just priced so much better. I'm a third through my bottle already and I will buy it again. Ideally I wish DB would make a primer for skin like mine that does not require the extra moisture. Even though it is not the perfect match for my skin it is close enough, I give it a 4/5.

P.S, I did take pictures of my bottle but I'm having problems uploading it :( will try again later!

Ronelle @ GoS

Our thoughts: Hurricane Sandy

The GoS team would like to send our best and warmest wishes to those who are, or have friends and family currently in hurricane Sandy affected areas. We are thinking of you and sending our positive thoughts your way during this time, stay safe everyone!

Mel & Ronelle - GoS

Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Must Have Shoes For Summer Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching it seems my dollars are spent before they make it into my purse so it's time to start thinking smart. Here are five absolute MUST HAVE shoes that will cover you for every occasion over the summer and holiday season....and then some!!


Whether you call this the two strap sandal or the ankle strap sandal it doesn't matter. What does matter is that you get a pair!! The barely there style will take you from day to evening in the blink of an eye. It is super sexy, comes in a range of heights and colors and is super easy to style.


Always a must have for summer the wedge can be worn from a pool side party to a cocktail bar or even shopping with the girls. We recently showed you how to style with wedges for a dressy casual event. Look for trending details such as bright colors, metallics and details on the actual wedge. The wedge comes in a variety of heights and can be sleek or chunky.


I am so happy to see the return of the pointed toe pump because I never got rid of mine! Always a classic they work perfectly well with a pair of jeans or a 50's style cocktail dress. Be bold and add a pop of color to your office look or keep it neutral. Coming in a range of heights from kitten heels to skyscrapers there is something for everyone!


The ballet flat has been with us for some time and will obviously not be going anywhere because it is comfy to wear and cute! To get on trend look for pointed toe styles and t-bars that are easier to dress up than the usual round toe flat we're all used to. Perfect for the party season!


In Australia we call it a sandal or a thong, it is pretty much considered the national shoe! A staple in every summer wardrobe its wearability can take us from a stroll on the beach to an evening party. Look for on trend details such as bold colors, pastels, jewel tones and metallic details to keep your look up to date.

Ronelle @ GoS

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things we love: Sticky chicken with watermelon, radish salad

sticky kicking chicken watermelon radish salad & crunchy noodles

We love this sticky chicken and watermelon salad from celebrity chef Jaime 
great for the upcoming holidays, dinner parties or to treat the family.

  • To get started on your sticky chicken salad, first you'll need to submerge the noodles in a bowl of boiling hot water
  • Season chicken to your taste with your choice of salt, pepper and spices
  • Flatten chicken to about 1.5cm thick with a meat cleaver
  • Add the oil of your choice to a large frying pan turning each side after 3 to 4 minutes of cooking, until the chicken develops a char and is fully cooked through 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of sesame seed oil to your drained noodles
  •  ¼ of the noodles will be added to a hot pan and turned until crunchy
  • Cut the skin of the watermelon and dice the melon into rough chunks  
  • Shred lettuce and cut your radishes into halves
  • Finely chop some fresh mint and coriander to dress
  • Reduce the coriander stems with the soy or fish sauce in a saucepan add chilli,  ginger, chives, water and a tablespoon of sesame oil and a dash of  lime juice and blend until smooth
  • Dress chicken with sweet chilli sauce and sesame seeds 
  • Pour your dressing over the salad and toss gently and coat well, crush the pan fried  noodles over the top and garnish with some mint or coriander leaves.

Serves four with 694 calories per serve!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Wedding - That Pink Dress

I'm crazy about a wedding and the past few days I've curiously waited  to see what Jessica Biel would wear for her nuptuals to Justin Timberlake. I cannot say I am a fan of either party but my interest was certainly piqued when I heard how lavish the affair would be and considering they sold their photos I was sure there must be something they wanted to show us. FYI - selling your photos is a little tacky in my humble opinion.

Before we get to the pictures and I allow you to judge for yourself I should point out that a video was made for the wedding that asked homeless / disenfranchised people for their wedding wishes for the bride and groom as a joke. Granted the video was made by the couples' friends there is something so utterly tasteless in making those who are less fortunate than us the butt of our jokes. You can find further details about the video here  Oh No They Didn't! Having said that I'm sure Justin and Jessica will get their fair share of judgement on their wedding day....starting with mine...

Although I find Jessica to be quite hit and miss in the fashion stakes I still had high expectations for her wedding attire. To be perfectly honest, for all the hype, I am uninspired. Jessica chose to go very much on trend with a colored wedding dress . Her Giambattista Valli strapless gown with full layered skirt in petal pink is actually floral which can be difficult to see in these scanned images.

What do you think of Jessicas flower choice with her dress? I like the greenery but feel soft roses would have been a much prettier effect.
 For me her wedding dress was a little too much fairy floss and not enough substance. I quite like pastel pink and I can see this on a red carpet but as a wedding dress it feels lacking.
One thing I cannot fault is that the lady looks genuinely happy.
I'm quite delighted with the bridesmaid dresses. 

Do you think the $6.5 million was wisely spent?
Do you think they should have kept their wedding a private affair and not sold the pictures?
Would you choose a pink wedding dress?
Ronelle @ GoS

Home Decor trends for 2013

Kick start 2013 with a splash of color. We've seen color trends in interor design evolve in the last couple of years with bright and bold feature colors and 2013 isn't much different. The worlds leading color matching company pantone have officially released their interior design color forecast for 2013.

Pantone have included 9 palettes in their forecast including

Connoisseur, featuring neutral hues like alyssum white, beechnut green, violet, orchid,pink, and mahogany.

Glamour draws it's inspiration from the art deco era. Featuring red, blue, grey black, and variations of grey and teal.

Similar to Glamour is New Old School, replacing the neutral tones of  the Glamour palette with more exaggerated hues including red, white, blue, nautical blue and green.

The Rugged Individuals palette. To compliment wood decor uses baked apple, goat, prairie sand, and chipmunk to name a few.

Extracts described as the culinary palette, combines spice inspired tone with more vibrant hues. Spiced coral, melon, apple cinnamon, pink, clay against tart and green banana.

Footprints draws it's inspiration from tribal colors. Tangerine, blue, pink flambé, yellow, and green.

Sojourn feautres the excited fuchsia, olive, rose and plum tones.

Surface Treatments uses ocean and sky tones like tornado gray and pairs it together with warm metallics like bronze

Out of the Ordinary features brighter quirky hues with colors like bonnie blue, pureed pumpkin, and chocolate truffle anchor, bright violet and rosebud.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

With Halloween screaching just around the corner I've scoured the net for some spooktacular treats!
It doesn't get much easier than these wonderful wicked witch hats from 
Grab some choc coated cookies, top with a hersheys kiss & finish off with some piped icing. It's almost unconsionable to call this Diy
You can never have enough chocolate so why not thrill your guests with these ghastly strawberry ghosts.

One of my favorite ideas taking finger food quite literally are these creepy witches fingers. Can't you just hear those nails scratching a chalkboard? EEK. Here's the quick and easy recipe

Halloween treats and eats need not all be frighteningly sugary. Here are some wonderful healthy ideas like this pumpkin face savory dip platter.

Here's a little olive snake that everyone will want to take a bite of from cutefoodforkids
Finally how about these quick and easy boonana pops to cool everyone down after running away from the boogieman!!

Enjoy... muwahaha
Ronelle @GoS

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas Finds under $30!

The new apple Iphone 5 has arrived and we are pretty sure it is going to top many wish lists this Christmas, and like the saying goes.. you can never have enough accessories. We loved these iphone 5 cases both valued at under $30 and available to purchase online!

ADORABLE Stitch iPhone Case

Stitch is Ronelle's favorite Disney Character, I just know she would love this case made of durable rubber and only $9.95 on ebay. 

Being a 90's kid I used to love the old gameboy consoles, I thought these were a really great find for anybody who grew up during this era. Also available in teal and purple for only $26.49 from 

Vintage Colorful chunky statement necklace

It's the party season and statement necklaces are still hot this festive season. How about a chunky vintage statement piece for the woman who has everything but can never get enough? this piece is only $25 and available at Gos' Etsy store. We are also offering a free upgrade to express shipping to our Australian buyers on sales of $20 and over (not including postage) For a limited time only. 

Unique scented candles can be picked up easily for under $30 on craft sites such as etsy, or you can DIY if you prefer giving a more personal gift. 

          White Citrus Intense Moisture Body Butter - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Body butter, I know few women ... actually no women who don't love smelling good. I love body care packs, especially light, clean fruit scented fragrances. This particular body butter can be picked up for $15 at bathandbodyworks. 

Happy shopping!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Makeup Looks For Spring Summer Party Season - 2013 Trends

In keeping with my search for the perfect look for that "dressy casual" engagement party I've picked a few key makeup looks for those balmy evenings. Yes, we are getting ahead of ourselves by looking at the Spring Summer 2013 trends when we're only just heading into the Australian summer but who doesn't love to be ahead of the pack?

Straight from the runway we have two effects perfect for the dressy casual evening look. Focus is on the eyes or the lips, not both.

First up we have a returned focus on the lower lashes. On the model the waterline is clear or line it in white. Keeping the waterline clear or white opens the eye making it perfect for those of us with smaller eyes. Lower lashes are lengthened and darkened and the lashline has a smudging of brown or black liner.  Keep the tear duct open and brighten up with a touch of sparkle or bring in a color to make eyes pop. Skin is kept matte and lips neutral.

Keeping the focus on the eye faux lashes are still all the rage. A great way to minimise your make up efforts faux lashes are a bold look for evening. Keeping the rest of your makeup soft and neutral stops this look from getting into drag queen territory and draws attention to the windows of your soul. Keep the lower lashline soft and light to keep the eye open and bright.
Warmer seasons always see a return to warm erathy colors. 2013 calls for brown, camel and bronze highlights. The model wears lined eyes to bring this soft, natural finish into an evening look. Lining the waterline of the eye is perfect for those with large eyes as it closes the eye and makes them appear smaller.
Color is still a key look and it can be on your eyes or on your lips, not on both. Here we have a very muted face with a bold fuschia lip. For an evening look I'd add a slick of mascara and let your lips do all the talking.

My favorite evening / party look is not going away! YAY! The classic red lip will always be a make up staple for evening and for those bold enough to wear it during the day. Keep your bold lip up to date by making it matte. If red is not your thing opt for a matte fuschia. Keep the rest of your make up soft and neutral.

Ronelle @GoS