Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steal Her Style Celebrity Edition - Rita Ora Vs Rihanna

In the past we've done a number of "Steal Her Style" blogs. The general idea is to get some inspiration from our favorite celebs in terms of what colors, cuts and designs are trending and then making it work for us mere mortals. It seems even celebrities "steal" each others' style however as was very evident between the two ladies of the moment Rita Ora and Rihanna.

Let the clone wars begin.....

I guess the tightie whitey dress and sneakers really was trending at the time.....
Leather, flames, two tone hair, red lips, chunky jewelry... those girls are on firrrrreeee

Pyjama party anyone?? Very few people have dared to embrace the trend making it even more curious that both these ladies wore such glaringly similar looks.... perhaps they're acting as decoys for each other?

Hmmm... yet another look that most won't dare to embrace but these ladies not only embrace the feathers they even chose the same color??
What do you think of the slinky black dress with plunging back? Sure Rita has sleeves and Rihanna doesn't...maybe we're reading too much into the whole clone thing ... ;)
Then then there's similar tattoo going on ... hmmmm .... maybe their label gets a two for one deal on EVERYTHING!

There's something to be said for individuality, even when you take inspiration from someone else. Being in the public eye makes it more obvious!

Ronelle @ GoS

Steal her style celebrity edition: Beyonce

It happens in the world of celebrity also, sometimes a girl's just got to have it. We're going to cover some of our favourite celeb style stealers!!


Well they say imitation is the highest form of flattery :-/

Mel @ GoS

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick & Easy Holiday Makeup - Modern Classic Lined Eye

Party season is in full swing, you're running around checking your lists and the one thing you keep coming up short on is .. "time"... So here's some inspiration for a quick and easy makeup look that will suit ANYBODY and is perfect for the party season and those of us who are time poor.

In my opinion one of the most beautiful women who ever lived is Audrey Hepburn. Audreys' signature makeup look is all about the liquid lined eye. Perfect for any skin tone, age group and occasion. The focus is all on her eyes and gives us a great starting point. To get Audreys look one of my favorite liners is Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid liner. The key is a super slim tip that allows you to build up your liner from a day to night look very easily giving you all the control. Don't fuss if you don't get it perfect that's what we have a q-tip for. 

Keira Knightley recently hit the red carpet for Anna Karenina looking like a modern classic with an exaggerated cat eye and pretty pink pout. Her brows are strong like Audreys' and her liner is bold. I have a heavy lid so eye shadow is a waste of time for me. This winged liner is perfection as you can keep the rest of your makeup as simple as you want and look like you've made an effort!

Krysten Ritter is effortlessly glamorous with a more subtle lined eye that focuses heavily on the lashes. If you're not bold enough you don't have to go for the exaggerated winged look. Just goes to show how versatile this eye is and it can be paired with any lip color.

Keira Knightley gave us another beautiful look on the Anna Karenina red carpet circuit very similar to Krystens'. The focus again is all on the eyes and super long lashes and liquid liner. This look is easily achieved by adding some false lashes to your lined eye. She paired the look with a pretty raspberry tinted lip. Just perfect for the Holiday party season!

Emily Blunt gave us another modern version of the classic lined eye. She kept her bottom lashes subtle and I just love that bold pink lip for a summery evening look.

So ladies there's no reason you can't look like you have your own personal makeup artist this holiday season. Even if you don't want to wear any foundation a liquid lined eye will make you look like you've styled yourself. So give it a go and remember you can be as bold or as subtle as you like with the rest of your makeup.

Ronelle @ GoS

Things we love

It's been a while since we covered things we love, so I put together a diverse collection of my currents favs. Enjoy!!

Mel@ GoS

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quick & Easy Christmas Recipes With 5 Ingredients Or Less

Christmas is not only about gifts and tinsel it's about sharing, food and family. This time of year can get hectic  but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the trimmings for your Christmas get togethers. We've put together a few quick and easy recipe ideas that will make you feel like you're cheating. Your guests will think you're the host with the most and you'll have plenty of time to enjoy in the festivities yourself!

These canapes are not only pretty, it's a light and healthy start to your Christmas meal or party platters. You can create this delight with just 4 ingredients !

One of my favorite starters for an Aussie Christmas is a bocconcini and basil salad. It is light, healthy, bursting with flavor and looks like Christmas on a plate. With just 3 main ingredients it's a hit everytime! 

For many a Christmas ham is a must! Here is an easy glazed ham recipe that uses only 3 ingredients It's so easy it almost feels wrong ;)

How can you go past these adorable little strawberry Santas. Kids and adults alike will love these little darling little treats that only uses 3 ingredients

Of course we can't forget our Christmas drinks. This refreshing mint tea cocktail uses just 5 ingredients Light and refreshing it's perfect for a BBQ or to get the conversation started ;)

Ronelle @ GoS

Christmas gifts under $80

Karito Kids Citizens of the World Dolls

The aim of the Karito kids is to encourage children's understanding of ethnic diversity. The dolls are accompanied by books which offer a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity. Each purchase comes with a unique code that allows the owner to go online and donate a portion of their purchase to a participating children's charity of their choice.
Starting at $60 from

L.L. Bean Corduroy Belted Trench
Affordable, stylish and perfect for the winter months.

$40 each

There's nothing better than a gift that gives back.
Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Watch gives 100 of the proceeds to Avon's breast cancer crusade foundation. I love this!!

$20 |

Navy Blazer

Blue's my favorite color right now so when I saw this blazer I thought it would make a perfect gift... for me. A military look with large gold buttons and satin lining.

$40, Mango

Flowered Bag, a favorite of Oprah's bestie Gayle King. Classic floral with a detacable strap.

$30 |

Elephant's are my favorite creature other than my Shitzu X.

Now we can all own an Elephant by Fostering an orphaned Elephant through Wild things. What a beautiful gift and way to give back.
$50 minimum for fostering  |

Mel @ GoS

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas - Fabric Wrap

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing everyones' gifts under the tree. There is nothing nicer than seeing pretty packages all tied up in bows. Generally it ends up being alot of work considering everyone rips off the wrapping in 5 seconds flat! Last year I decided to mix it up a bit and try something new so I wrapped a few of my gifts in beautiful little scarves to create a two in one gift! Wrapping gifts in fabric is limited only by your imagination - you can go super traditional or give your Christmas a modern twist. So here are a few ideas for wonderful gift wrapping ideas that will have your friends and family gasping in delight!

To wrap a gift within a gift look for light and pretty scarves, sarongs or tablecloths in a size that suits your gifts. 

Keep a theme going by wrapping a gift for the kitchen in a tea towel! This year I'm doing little jars of loose leaf teas wrapped in a tea towel with a tea pot print (i'll show you as soon as I start wrapping!) For more ideas check out

Even bottles and jars that are usually very hard to wrap work well in fabric wrapping. AND you end up with less mess when all the gifts are unwrapped! YAY!

Beautifully printed fabrics are a great wrapping idea for those crafty loved ones who can re - purpose them by using the pieces in a quilt, pretty pillowcase or makeup bag. 

So let your imagination run wild and choose an eco - friendly gift wrap that keeps on giving! Don't forget using real ribbons and string is also a great alternative as your loved ones will keep them and use them again. Here at GoS it's all about giving things a second life so give it a go!

Ronelle @ GoS

Festivus for the rest of us!

That's right I'm the Grinch, the one who wishes I had a fresh tree every year just so I could have the satisfaction of turfing it out at the end of Christmas. 

There is nothing I hate more than dressing a Christmas tree. I hate the idea of it, I hate it from October through new years. I hate packing it up. I hate the fact that it looks like Santa broke in and vomited on my tree no matter how many times I take it apart and start again.

I hate that it takes at least three go rounds until it looks acceptable. I hate that I find myself redressing it at least two more times before the day itself.

I hate how it's always lopsided, we got a new tree and lo and behold it too was lopsided. I hate trying to prop it up with boxes and gifts to give it the illusion of standing on it's own.

I hate the un-boxing, I hate the smell of the tinsel on my fingers. I hate the mess the tinsel leaves. I hate that my baubles fall off and roll behind the sofa or smash upon impact.

Yes, I am the Grinch who wishes we could celebrate festivus. How I hate that damn tree. 

Mel @ GoS

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Inspiration - No Fuss Diy Ideas For Small Spaces

And the race to Christmas is on. Over the next few weeks forgive us if we seem a little Christmas centric. Yesterday I started making room for my Christmas tree in the hope that baby will be up this week. Mel reminded me of how much she hated having to put it up then take it all down again and how she never feels quite happy with the job she's done. With this in mind I thought I'd seek out some inspiration for unique and easy Christmas Tree ideas for those with small spaces or for those of us who are a little lazy ;)

If space is an issue think flat! We love this recycled wooden tree. Shouldn't take you too long to knock this one up and when Christmas is over take it out into the backyard in one swift movement and use it as a wall decoration! No mess, no fuss!

This "almost flat" shelving tree is another great little space saver that is unique and interesting. The outline of the tree is made with rope. This is another Christmas tree that will continue to be useful throughout the year with a few minor changes. Check out the diy details here and make your very own!

Still in keeping with wooden Christmas trees here's another lovely diy tree that takes up minimal space but will have everyone talking!

If diy is not your thing think PRINTS!!! How about creating your very own design and having it printed up like a piece of modern art!

Another super cute idea is wall art. This one was created using brown paper as a backdrop and physically drawing the tree with chalk. 

If going flat is not your idea of Christmas but you want something quick and easy that fits into a small space consider a beautifully potted small tree. 

Continuing with the potted tree theme this pretty bonsai is a unique take on the traditional Christmas tree that will continue to give you pleasure after the holiday season.

I guess the lesson here is Christmas trees don't have to be massive to create impact. They can be personalized to reflect our unique personalities and spaces and above all they can serve a purpose after the holiday season. Who doesn't love a gift that keeps on giving ;)

Ronelle @ GoS