Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crazy days and nights

Since launching our etsy store the world has been a different place. It's only been a few weeks but who would have guessed the complete madness it would all bring... and that's before you even make a sale. Not only are we sourcing items, making items, taking photos, listing new things, we are also blogging, twittering and everything else ending in "ing". Who would have guessed feeling creative could be such hard work?

Having worked for ourselves in the past we are aware this is just how things go. Lots and lots of hard work in the early days and hopefully it pays off in the end. The reality is that there is no easy way to make ends meet these days. GoS was not only born out of our creativity and wanting to share what we love, there was an also element that made us hopeful of bringing in some cash (as is the case with most people who sell online). In an ever shrinking job market you do what you must.

Having said all that there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes along with starting something and finishing it. It's a feeling like no other. And once those creative juices start flowing the ideas just keep coming.

Now to the point of this blog.... the crazy part. In all the madness I lost all track of time and dates became a blur so Mothers Day was celebrated last week. I saw my mom first and she didn't even know it was Mothers Day but we celebrated and had fun without anyone realising something was wrong. When I got to my mother in laws I thought it strange no-one else had shown up... my bad ... I was a week early. So do I buy gifts all over again??

R&M @ GoS

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