Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kate MIddleton Duchess of Cambridge Recycles her look

What a delight it was today to see the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton "recycle" a dress she had worn just a few short weeks ago.

Now we are all about recycling over here at GoS and as lovely as the Duchess looks we wish she had given it a little more time in between her looks. Alternatively we feel she could have worked the look a bit more by adding perhaps a cream overcoat which would have mateched her accessories beautifully.

Having said that we still give the lovely lady the thumbs up for being bold enough to recycle her look so very obviously. In a time when most of us are clutching onto every dollar it feels like this young woman may have some understanding of what it is to stretch your buck as far as you can. Then again if I was wearing that 1200 pound Emilia Wickstead number I'd be sure to get the most out of it too!!!

The dress a few weeks ago

The dress today

R&M @ GoS

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