Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's the Gos?

Gos is a little project my sister and I have been talking about for some time now. We both have an eye for the interesting and unique and have been collecting everything from vintage musical equipment to one off vintage dresses for ourselves over the past few years. The reality is we were spending way too much time searching for these elusive and magical pieces. We often came across beautiful items that were not particularly suited to what we needed but would be sure to please someone else and so began the thought process for Gifts of Substance.

So what is GoS you ask? Well ...The concept behind GoS is to source beautiful, interesting and unique materials to create Gifts of Substance. Our materials have travelled the world, some have had previous lives. Be it vintage, upcycled or trade items it’s all about beautiful hand made treasures that not only express your individual personality... it has personality all of it's own.

It's early days for us yet but as with everyone starting out we are full of ideas and hopes. We have just kicked off our Etsy store and we are looking forward to sharing the excitement of our finds with others!

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