Sunday, June 3, 2012

Steal her style - Kate Middletons red dress under $150

Having just seen Kate Middletons latest outing in a red Alexander McQueen dress there's no doubt ladies all over the globe will be looking for a pretty red dress to add to their wardrobe.

We've put together just a few looks all coming in at under $150! We've even found a nude heel and a red clutch to match.

Kates red dress look.

First up we have the Hybrid sleeveless peplum dress $144.50 from Asos. It is a streamlined look sitting above the knee with a high neckline and soft peplum at the sides.

Again from Asos we have a much flirtier version in this strapless red peplum  at a tiny $51. This is the perfect piece for the younger crowd looking for a few of the same details worn by Kate.

This longsleeve pencil dress is a stunning piece made by a designer in New Zealand. It's available on Etsy for a mere $82.90. This wonderful dress can be worn to the office or on a date!

In keeping with Kates look we've found you a patent nude stiletto heavily reduced at $85. As we didn't like her platform version we've opted for a classic style.

 Finally don't forget your purse! Here we have bow clutch for $96.76 at Nordstroms.

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