Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bridal Makeup - Natural Nude Makeup Look For All Skin Tones

The natural bride is all about keeping colors close to her natural skin tone. It is about creating a fresh, pretty and youthful look that highlights your best features without dramatically changing your look. Focus on beautifully shaped brows. Curl and lengthen lashes to open up your eyes. For a soft and natural lip lipgloss works well as it is not highly pigmented but will require regular touch up. Use a lipliner that is close to your natural lipcolor for an extra bit of oomph and add a slick of lipgloss. To find a perfect match for your blush color pinch your cheeks - the color of your natural flush will give you a radiant look.
Fair Skin

In this look we see a slightly dewy base with a soft pink cheek and lip. Lashes are beautifully curled but not heavy and lids are swept with a neutral vanilla. This look is perfect for a beach bride or the bride hosting their recepetion and ceremony during the day.

Kate Winslet wears shades of peach. A great alternative to pink or nude peach creates a warm look. Her lashes are darker creating more drama but the overall look is still very natural. Her lids are swept with a peach shadow to create depth, cheeks have just a whisper of peach and her lips again are peachy.

This year on the runway Valentino gave us their version of the natural / nude make up look with this lovely version. The eyes have slightly more depth with neutral shades of taupe gradually building up in the sockets. Cheeks are kept a very soft pinkish peach and lips are a muted nude. This is the perfect way to wear nude for the evening as the make up will still show up beautifully in photos.

Olive Skin

As we move into warmer, olive skin tones we want to balance out the green / yellow undertones so look for deeper peaches bordering on bronze and warmer pinks. For a true natural look opt for matte colors rather than sparkly ones especially on your cheeks.

Here we have the same tonal peachy look that Kate Winslet wears on light olive skin. The focus is on the eyes with the lashes opening up the eye. Everything else is kept very soft and neutral without looking flat.

America Ferrera looks amazing! The look focuses on her eyes with a dark top lashline. The brow is highlighted with a matte vanilla. Her cheeks are given a flush and definition with a rosey pink peach and lips the lips are a natural pinky peach lipgloss.

Jessica Alba gives us a warm sultry look using natural shades. Lashes are lengthened without being too dark. The lid of the eye is swept with taupe to create depth while the brow is kept neutral. Her barely there peach blush gives just a hint of color and is paired with a peachy nude lip.

Deep Skin

For deeper tanned skin tone we look for deeper, richer colors to create depth and highlights on the face. Soft burgundys, wine, deeper taupes, plums, matte bronze, berry, nude beige and chocolates are a great color selection.

Kerry Washington plays up her eyes with a light khol rim, dark lashes and a sweep of taupe eyeshadow. Her cheeks are highlighted in a soft bronze with nude / peach lips. This is a perfect natural / nude look for day or night.

Tracy Reese Spring 2012 runway gave us this delightful and youthful natural make up look. Eyes are kept soft with lashes lengthened. Eyes are swept with a color in a shade that is just lighter than the models natural skin tone to open the eye and brighten it up. Cheeks are given an all over brush with a matte coral for that "blushing bride" look. Lips are kept nude with a barely there nude lipgloss.

Gabrielle Union is the picture of natural beauty. Eyes are kept natural with lashes on top and bottom lengthened. Her cheeks have a light matte bronze and her lips are glazed with a nude pink lipstick.

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  1. Would be great if you could find a medium tone between olive and deep skin.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by. We will be happy to include a medium between olive and deep skin. If you could suggest a celebrity that you feel best represents that coloring it would be great.