Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Designer Brands Moisturising Primer Review

Today I'm kicking off my first review for our blog and I wanted to start with one of the building blocks of great makeup - PRIMER! Firstly, I have sensitive, combination skin with large pores and I'm prone to breakouts :( Needless to say I have to be very careful with what I put on my face. In the past I've used Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher which worked well to smooth my skin, fill my pores and extend my makeup but did require me to blot in warmer weather. At around $80 - $100 for 30ml it was quite pricey and I don't wear makeup everyday making it difficult to get through the 30ml, I needed an alternative!

A few months ago I took a chance on a homegrown product from Designer Brands Cosmetics. It is their Pre - Foundation Moisturising Primer RRP $14.99, I got it on special at $12.00. 

It is a 28ml plastic pump bottle making it very easy to use. The primer applies clear and glides on very smoothly leaving a film on the skin.When using it I use much less moisturiser as it does exactly what it's name says and moisturises without being greasy. I use it under my mineral powder foundation and have always considered it a great alternative to moisturiser but never expected too much from it as a primer because it was so cheap. For my skin with its super oily patches I need to blot once or twice during the day when wearing this primer. Because of that blotting I occasionally need to touch up my makeup.


I took this product for granted until a few days ago when in a rush I forgot to prime. And oh what a difference I saw! I'm so used to putting on my makeup that I barely paid any attention until I stepped into a bright light and saw the size of my pores!! YIKES!! Not only were they like craters, my makeup was blotchy. Not a great start to the day but being in a rush I didn't try doing my makeup again. As the day wore on I noticed I did not need to blot as I usually do when I wear this primer but my makeup didn't last very long either. So here's the long and short of it.


* Acts as a moisturiser just as it claims
* Fills and smooths pores well
* Creates a smooth base to apply makeup on
* Extends makeup wear
* It does not irritate my sensitive skin
* It is super cheap!


* If you have oily or combination skin you will have to blot

I will continue to use this product because as much as I loved Estee Lauders Idealist I still had to blot with that one too and this one is just priced so much better. I'm a third through my bottle already and I will buy it again. Ideally I wish DB would make a primer for skin like mine that does not require the extra moisture. Even though it is not the perfect match for my skin it is close enough, I give it a 4/5.

P.S, I did take pictures of my bottle but I'm having problems uploading it :( will try again later!

Ronelle @ GoS


  1. Hi there, thanks so much for this review...it made me aware of how important a primer actually is and that I need to get one asap!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I was a bit late to catch onto the primer revolution too but you won't look back once you get one ;)