Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farewelling an old friend

It's been a long time between blogs for the GoS team and we sincerely apologize for being M.I.A.

Before our usual blogging commences, we felt we should let our readers know that we lost our dear family pet Muffie who was 17 years old when he left us last month.

Muffie came to us when we was 6 weeks old, a small, furry bundle of love and he since became a very well loved and valued member of the family, and he will be missed by all.


Better days: Muffie wearing his sherpa coat
 Muffie relaxing in bed.

Muffie's last day he was very weak and tired

We kept him wrapped up to keep his temperature up

         Muffie's best friend Oupa laying beside him only hours before

Ouma watching on as Muffie slept

It was a sad day for all involved, look at her face :(


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