Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

With Halloween screaching just around the corner I've scoured the net for some spooktacular treats!
It doesn't get much easier than these wonderful wicked witch hats from 
Grab some choc coated cookies, top with a hersheys kiss & finish off with some piped icing. It's almost unconsionable to call this Diy
You can never have enough chocolate so why not thrill your guests with these ghastly strawberry ghosts.

One of my favorite ideas taking finger food quite literally are these creepy witches fingers. Can't you just hear those nails scratching a chalkboard? EEK. Here's the quick and easy recipe

Halloween treats and eats need not all be frighteningly sugary. Here are some wonderful healthy ideas like this pumpkin face savory dip platter.

Here's a little olive snake that everyone will want to take a bite of from cutefoodforkids
Finally how about these quick and easy boonana pops to cool everyone down after running away from the boogieman!!

Enjoy... muwahaha
Ronelle @GoS

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