Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Clickfrenzy: The fail that crashed the server

So in the last 24 hours Aussie retailers tried to introduce their own version of America's infamous black Friday and cyber Monday sales with quite dire results. Myself and Ronelle sat waiting for 7pm to roll around only to find the countdown on our clocks not only didn't match but when 7pm hit neither of us could access clickfrenzy's homepage. Disaster!

Admittedly we were pretty skeptical about the logistics of the site. It all seemed terribly inconvenient and time consuming to have to purchase each item through individual checkouts, we also weren't expecting the discounts to be anywhere near as good as what major overseas retailers have to offer and sadly we were correct.

Much to our delight however, we were very easily able to access clickfrenzy's facebook page and were amazed to see that representatives for the site were not only unapologetic for the fault but didn't go out of their way to try and offer an explanation to the tens of thousands of people who got on board to support the event. Worse, they also had the nerve to delete hundreds of comments criticizing the failure and their lack of damage control.

We think clickfrenzy could benefit from some basic courtesy and consideration for those who anticipated the sales, saving their money and foregoing other bricks and mortar sales and events to participate in the history making evening.

At the end of the day the goal was accomplished, clickfrenzy made Australian shopping history. Unfortunately we think Grant Arnott and Co will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Australian retailers need to catch up with the rest of the world by investing in the infrastructure to support the outcome they want or they have to be satisfied with people spending their hard earned cash elsewhere.

I for one have a nice little pile of cash I didn't get to spend last night that I know I will be looking forward to spending on upcoming bargains in the lead up to Christmas.

What say you folks? who's registering for clickfrenzy 2013?

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Mel @ GoS

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