Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick & Easy Holiday Makeup - Modern Classic Lined Eye

Party season is in full swing, you're running around checking your lists and the one thing you keep coming up short on is .. "time"... So here's some inspiration for a quick and easy makeup look that will suit ANYBODY and is perfect for the party season and those of us who are time poor.

In my opinion one of the most beautiful women who ever lived is Audrey Hepburn. Audreys' signature makeup look is all about the liquid lined eye. Perfect for any skin tone, age group and occasion. The focus is all on her eyes and gives us a great starting point. To get Audreys look one of my favorite liners is Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid liner. The key is a super slim tip that allows you to build up your liner from a day to night look very easily giving you all the control. Don't fuss if you don't get it perfect that's what we have a q-tip for. 

Keira Knightley recently hit the red carpet for Anna Karenina looking like a modern classic with an exaggerated cat eye and pretty pink pout. Her brows are strong like Audreys' and her liner is bold. I have a heavy lid so eye shadow is a waste of time for me. This winged liner is perfection as you can keep the rest of your makeup as simple as you want and look like you've made an effort!

Krysten Ritter is effortlessly glamorous with a more subtle lined eye that focuses heavily on the lashes. If you're not bold enough you don't have to go for the exaggerated winged look. Just goes to show how versatile this eye is and it can be paired with any lip color.

Keira Knightley gave us another beautiful look on the Anna Karenina red carpet circuit very similar to Krystens'. The focus again is all on the eyes and super long lashes and liquid liner. This look is easily achieved by adding some false lashes to your lined eye. She paired the look with a pretty raspberry tinted lip. Just perfect for the Holiday party season!

Emily Blunt gave us another modern version of the classic lined eye. She kept her bottom lashes subtle and I just love that bold pink lip for a summery evening look.

So ladies there's no reason you can't look like you have your own personal makeup artist this holiday season. Even if you don't want to wear any foundation a liquid lined eye will make you look like you've styled yourself. So give it a go and remember you can be as bold or as subtle as you like with the rest of your makeup.

Ronelle @ GoS

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