Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Trend - Metallics!

So the Oscars for 2013 has finished... at least for us! I'm sure some in Hollywood today are still out partying or dragging themselves home after the intense lead up to that epic night.

And wasn't it a big night? It certainly was an overdose of fashion! I've seen many a commenter state that fashion was "safe" but what is "safe" when it comes to the Oscars? A classic cut and color that won't date and look like a bad prom photo 5 years from now hardly strikes me as safe. I call it wise! On one of Hollywoods most serious nights the red carpet cry should be elegant and classic and for the most part that's what we got.

But now on to one of the biggest trends of the night! The little golden man set the tone for the red carpet this year as it was all about metallics... beautiful bodies dripping in all forms of precious metals. Here are some of our favorites!

Stacey Keibler was deserving of an Oscar just for showing up in this jaw dropper! Her stunning gunmetal and silver embellished gown hugged her in all the right places and took me to the 1920's with it's art deco feel.

Halle Berry is one striking woman who never makes it onto my fashion lists simply because she very rarely gets it right in the fashion stakes. On this occassion I had to double take! This is just perfection. Her silver and black gown could not have been patterned more perfectly to show off that statuesque body. I actually want to put her on my mantel and stare at her all day!
Living in Australia I could not flick the channel without hearing about Naomis' red carpet style. I like Naomi and I part of me likes this dress but maybe not for the Oscars. With it's ultra modern cut out sleevework I feel this dress will look dated in time. I cannot deny that she does look great for the moment though.
But wait people... there's more. Naomi opted to change out of that little sparkler into this one! Yet another one shoulder number with metallics and sparkle. Unfortunately this one is not as flattering on Naomis' wonderful figure so I'm glad she wore the silver gray sparkler for the Oscars red carpet instead of this one. Naomis' left arm making two appearances on the night was a little reminiscent of Angelinas' leg last year ;)

For some of those who played the elegant and glamorous card at the awards the after party saw them kick up their heels. Jennifer Lawrence swapped her alsmost bridal Dior gown (that I loved!) for a gunmetal / silver gray liquid metal gown. The theme for the night was definitely form fitting when it came to these precious metal gowns as all of them were column cut. After a while it became a little familiar.

Amy Adams too stepped out of her ballgown and upped the ante in this too too divine gown with silver beading and hints of champagne gold. This 1920's style gown is how to do "bling" elegantly!
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