Thursday, August 1, 2013

Missing Months & Lipstick

It's been some time since I've had the inclination to blog. Partly because it's been a very busy few months on my end and partly because I felt quite uninspired. It became increasingly more difficult for me to write about what's trending in fashion and who's wearing what when there was so much turmoil in he world.

Here at GoS we've always tried to keep things lighthearted and fun so writing about anything other than "feel good" seemed quite at odds with what we were trying to do with the blog. The reality of life however is that everyday is not all fluffy clouds and rainbows and perhaps it's ok to talk about what irks us, we are only human after all.

Now that you have the back story about where we've been and why...

Inspiration seems to have come back in some ways and I wanted to kick it off with something as simple as lipstick!!. It is often said that during times of economic downturn the big winners in retail is lipstick. It seems when all else fails and fashion and accessories seems like a frivolity we cannot afford we turn to lipstick to brighten our lives and give us a change.

The beauty of a new lipstick is that it doesn't have to cost much to bring a trend / fashion statement to your look. It's feminine, beautiful and comes in very small packaging making us feel less guilty about our shopping trip.

My current love in lipstick is all things matte and bold - from hot pinks to orange. When it comes to purchasing a "trend" color rather than splurge I always turn to Rimmel London cosmetics. They carry a great range of colors, their products are great quality and best of all the price means I can pick up a few pieces without breaking the bank.
Bold and bright mattes straight from the runway

Whether your look is high gloss or matte the statement lips is all about high color impact
 Kates' Lasting Finish Range for Rimmel London

What is your money saving fashion tip?

Ronelle @ GoS

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