Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fashion Fail Friday - Miley Cyrus Billboard Music Awards

Fashion Fail Friday this week was always going to focus on the Billboard music awards. It seems inevitable that more than a handful of wannabes will get it wrong at this event. Now we know there is something to be said for "shock value" but we've tried to steer clear of those deliberatley trying to get attention and focussed on those who just get it wrong!

Leading the pack was Miley Cyrus... ahhhh... poor Miley! The thing about Miley is that she seems to be convinced she is stylish but always comes off contrived and just plain... trying too hard. It's the super heavy make up, touseled old lady hair, nose ring, body jewelry... ten things too many! One of the critical faux pas here is too much flesh. You simply never show EVERYTHING at the same time. This look could have gotten a pass if she wore the deep v blazer with some skinny white trousers and toned everything else down. Miley obviously is still learning about what it is to be sexy and not overtly slutty.

Yes people, that is a blazer, not a dress!

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