Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's Hot - Hair trends we love at GoS

One of our favorite hair trends right now is the neat ponytail. It's simple, sleek and easy to recreate. Pull out your elastic bands and a little hair lacquer because the ponytail is no longer the hallmark of a bad hair day, it's a style statement!

After seasons of .. "The bigger the better" in hair we are seeing a return to low volume, sleeker styles that are fresh, effortless and modern.

Get your bobby pins out and start twisting because the twist is back! This feminine look is a modern take on some of the 40's style low twists.

Alternatively we have a modern take on the "Heidi braid" that's been seen all over the red carpet over the past few seasons. Instead of the chunky bold braid this look takes on a softer more modern approach with skinny twists instead of braids.

R&M @ GoS

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