Friday, June 1, 2012

Responsible recycling - Pets Haven Pro Life Animal Shelter

Today we wanted to take a different tact and introduce you to an amazing cause that was recently brought to our attention. Here at GoS we talk alot about fashion but as human beings there are many different dimensions to us and one of those is that we are animal lovers.

Having grown up in a home with pets we have an understanding of the importance of responsible pet ownership. Unfortunately, even in a place like Australia where most people are passionate about their pets and treat them as part of the family there are those pets who don't get the care and love they deserve. That is where organisations like Pets Haven come in.

Pets Haven is a pro-life animal shelter. Many shelters can only house animals for a short space of time and if they are not re-homed within that time they are euthanised. It is not a reflection on the health of the animal or whether the animal is a good candidate for re-homing it is simply a numbers game and it is sad. Pets Haven take these animals off death row and provide all their healthcare needs and care for them until someone adopts them. Having adopted pets from shelters in the past in our family we know that these pets have so much more to give, all they need is an opportunity.

We love their tagline at Pets Haven "Responsibly recycling companion animals back into our community - where they belong" because here at GoS we believe that some of the most beautiful creations come out of recycling and giving something a second chance.

We encourage everyone to stop by and read Lily's Story. Lily is essentially Pets Havens' mascot and you can see her story from rescue to rehab. She is truly remarkable and she is one of many.

So if you are on the lookout for a new companion to join your family please make pet adoption a choice. For those not able to adopt, there are many ways we can help support this worthwhile cause. One of which is spreading the word. So head to down to their  website, or add Pets Haven on Facebook and show your support.

We look forward to bringing you many more updates about what's happening with Pets Haven in the future and featuring some of the pets looking for a home. Remember, recycling does not have to end with paper and plastic, we can make a difference to the life of animals and people alike!

Lovely Lily

R&M @ GoS

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