Monday, June 25, 2012

How to get perfect skin for your wedding day

Who doesn't love a wedding? Here at GoS we certainly do so we decided it's high time we devote some time to all things "bridal". We've decided to kick off our series of bridal blogs with something that might not be the most fun but is certainly one of the most important factors in your overall beauty on your wedding day... your skin!

Beautiful skin is something that does not happen overnight. Most of us have a daily routine but it can be hard to find that extra time to truly pamper ourselves. Getting ready for your big day is the perfect excuse!

Achieving beautiful, glowing, youthful skin for your wedding day requires some pre-planning. It is highly recommended to start your wedding skin care routine a month before your big day at the very least. If you are starting a new routine with all  new products please keep in mind that your skin may not react the way you expect so allow yourself the time to recover from any break outs if your skin has a reaction. The same rules apply if you are getting a facial. Allow yourself at least a few days before the wedding as facials draw out impurities and can cause breakouts and spotting for up to ten days after the treatment.

Skin care analysis
The best way to start off your all important beauty regime is to have a skin analysis. This can be done at any department store beauty counter. You may need to book in an appointment or you may be able to walk in right off the street. A skin analysis is generally free of charge. The good thing about going down this route is that a skincare routine will be designed specifically for your skin type be it oily, dry or combination. You may be able to take away some product samples to try before you buy and if you do purchase products on the day and have a reaction you can take them back.

Basic skin care routine
The most basic skin care routine generally consists of a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser. This routine will be done twice a day, every day. Depending on your skin type a scrub / exfoliator / mask or deep cleanser may be recommended once or twice a week. These types of treatements go further than a general cleanse but need to be done with caution as over working your skin can cause it to become dry and that can lead to break outs and reactions.

Added to this general routine you will need to use a daily sunscreen to protect all the hard work you're putting in. You will need a night cream or serum that works on your skin while you sleep as well as a serum for your eye area. Is this sounding like hard work yet? The truth is, it's not that hard. Once you have the products you need and know how to use them the hard work is done.

The costs of a great skin care routine can vary greatly but it certainly does not have to break the bank. There are a number of products you can purchase from your local pharmacy or supermarket that do great work provided you know what your skin type is. Keep in mind that this is probably the biggest day in your life. Your skin is a small investment in the scheme of planning a wedding. A small investment that will pay off in your photos as beautiful skin will give you the perfect canvas to work on and will give you the confidence to pull off any look.

Now that you have your skin care routine down pat don't forget your skin reacts to other factors as well, it's not all about what you put on the outside. Eating a well balanced diet with lots of colorful foods, drinking 2 litres of water a day, getting regular exercise and enough sleep is just as important as a skin care regime.

Keep your eye on our blog as we'll be bringing you some tips for the diy and budget conscious bride in the series and we'll include some great natural beauty secrets you can throw together in your kitchen ;)

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