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Hair inspiration for the vintage bride

When we think of the vintage bride we think of movie stars and some of the most iconic eras such as the  1920's, 30's and 50's. The vintage bride takes her inspiraton from these eras and everything inbewteen to bring a touch of old school glamour to her special day. Here a a few examples of beautiful vintage inspired hair styles for the modern vintage bride.

Medium To Long Hair 
 Soft, brushed out waves parted on the side evoke memories of old Hollywood screen sirens. This look works well when hair is brought over on one shoulder exposing the back of your dress.

This style looks great with an embellished hair piece that sits to one side of the hair, close to the hairline with a birdcage or simple veil.

Brushed out waves work well with medium hair lengths too. The key to this simple hair style is to use embellishments in your hair. Here we have a 50's style birdcage veil with flower detail and an art deco crystal hair pin with chain and pearl detail. The hair itself is parted in the middle creating a soft, romantic look opening up the whole face.

The updo is a wedding classic. Here we have two styles that suit medium to long hair lengths. From L-R we have a classic twist with side parted fringe and a low soft twist with some volume on the crown. What brings both these looks into the vintage theme are the hair embellishments. When thinking of 1920's or 30's vintage ideas look for art deco inspired items containing pearls, crystals or lace work. These looks can be bold enough to wear without a veil. If you do opt for a strong hair piece but still want a veil opt for a light simple veil that won't clash with your embellished piece.

From L-R we have a modern take on the 1920's finger wave. These versions are softer than the traditional finger waves combined with low twists. Finger waves are generally parted on the side. The look is soft and feminine and draws attention to the face. This look requires beautiful crystal pins to complete the glamourous look and would still work well with most veils.

The classic 1950's style updo is all about volume. From L-R we have a sleek beehive style updo with a flattened front and volume high on the crown. The style is accencuated by an alice band with crystal bow detail on the side. Next we have a classic pompadour at the front with embellished band detail and a voluminous wavey bun.

Short Hair
Here we have shorter bob style with a vintage edge. The hair is parted on the side with one side swept behind the ear, a perfect position to place a beautiful hair piece. The front of the hair is slightly coiffed and the bob is kept volumnous down the bottom. This look can be recreated with longer hair as well buy tucking your hair into a faux bob. 

Here we have another take on the soft finger wave that is perfect for shorter hair styles. Again, hair is parted on the side but it's kept close to the crown and vintage inspired embellishments are used to add drama.

All About Embellishement
For a striking look that works on short or long hair opt for a style that focusses on a highly detailed embellished piece. This is perfect for the vintage bride who does not want to wear a traditional tiara or veil. This look is perfect with sleek 1920's and 30's wedding dresses.

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