Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrity Style Inspiration - Flower Crown / Garland Headband

When we think of flower garlands in the hair we think of 1970's weddings... little bridemaids with oversized flower crowns... sitting in the school playground braiding daisy chains for our hair... ahhh... nostalgia....

The flower crown has seen a steady rise in the past 12 months or so. One of it's earliest re-incarnations was seen on Lana Del Rey who wore it big and bold, definitely not for everyone. We love the newer, softer, more subtle take on it because you don't need to be 15 years old to wear it.

We love Keira Knightleys version. It sits on the crown of her hair and the single color keeps the look from being too girly or hippy. A wonderful modern take that screams elegance and romance this look would be a perfect updo for a bride.

Vanessa Hudgens is every inch the hippy chic on the festival trail with her garland sitting across her forehead in a traditional style.

You would be forgiven for mistaking Kirsten Dunst for a Swedish Princess with this delicate garland styled headband. It sits high on her crown, the colors are soft pastels and golds which softly blend into her golden hair. Go for a tonal garland if you want a soft look like this.

Una Healy is a vision with her tumbling locks and delicate garland. The colors of the garland compliment her hair beautifully and we rather like the matching eye shadow. This look leads us into the boho bridal garland as this would be a perfect look for that special day.

Inspiration for the boho bride who wants to wear her hair down and be crowned with flowers. This look works well with or without a veil.

Beautiful waves paired with a bold, striking garland creates an ethereal feel for the bride who does not wish to wear a traditional tiara of veil.

Finally a big, beautiful, bold headband version that you can create yourself from styletodiyfor . This is perfect for the diy bride or for a day at the races. We'll definitely be giving this one a go at home!

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