Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running A Small Business While Trying To Have A Life

So the month of August is practically at an end and so far this is only the third blog for the month. Who would have thought when we started this blog a few months ago full of zeal and ideas, writing mutiple blogs a day that it would all slow down to not even a trickle... but a DROPLET!.

The hope was always to be consistent, after all we are creative people constantly thinking and finding interesting new things to share.... but life has a way of being anything but consistent. It seems inevitable that you'll start something only to be thrown a curve ball and no matter how hard you try the simplest things become a problem.

This past month has probably been the hardest of the year to date. Everything seemed to go wrong ... family health crisis... personal health problems... computers crashing... and so on and so forth. It seems like just yesterday we felt so inspired and ideas were flowing and then all of a sudden we found ourselves asking the question.. "why do we always seem to go down the hardest path with everything?"

The reality is,  there are no easy answers. Starting a business and trying to drum up support takes alot of time and effort. Staying inspired to create for that business takes alot of time and effort and then inbetween, life has a way of ...well, getting in the way.

As a small business you don't have the support of many hands and many minds to take care of different aspects of the business. You are the creative force, designer, manufacturer, promoter, marketer, photographer, financial advisor and then you blog, tweet, facebook and still have to put on a load of washing.

Does it sound like we're complaining? Well not really. This month has just been a reality check. At the end of the day there is no greater feeling than finishing something with your own hands from conception to end product. Even if it takes others a long time to see the value in what you do!

Here at GoS our business is about NOT throwing things away, NOT giving up on something when there is still so much potential in it. It's about creating pieces that are individual, for individuals and that will be treasured for years to come.

I guess our philosphy for what we sell should apply for everything... even ideas and dreams. Don't be so quick to give up on things and throw them out. Sometimes things need a little reworking and sometimes it just takes a while for people to appreciate them. Just don't give up yet... even when life kicks the poop out of you get right back up and show it what you're made of!

R&M @ GoS

P.S. When all else fails remember... it could be worse! ;)

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