Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sneaker Wedge Trend

Here at GoS we are very girly but we have always had a soft spot for sneakers. We've seen sneakers reinvented in so many ways whether it was bold and unusual colors, prints or cuts and yes we even own some serious spiked heel sneakers ourselves.

Over the past few months we've seen the trend grow and reinvent itself yet again. It seems sneakers are all the hype, but we're not talking about your funky pair of gym trainers as seen at the Olympics. It's all about the sneaker wedge!! Isabel Marant ushered in the wedge sneaker trend with her Willow sneakers with their 3 inch wedge as seen on a multitude of celebrities. These kicks started out at about $760– that's if you can still manage to get your hands on a pair. They are currently selling on ebay for 1k!! YIKES

Isabel Marant - Perkins
Then there was Marc Jacobs who took sneaker wedges to the runway at fashion week for his Spring 2012 collection. As Spring approaches us in Australia we wonder if the local fashionistas will get in on the trend.

Marc Jacobs

But don't be disheartened if you're still keen to own a pair of sneaker wedges without breaking the bank similar styles are flowing through without the extra expense. Asos has their very own version in the asos ark for less than $160!

Nine West Original Sneakers have the Perri wedge in a range of colors for $85!

I'm sure we'll be seeing many more of these coming through our chain stores as the weather heats up in Australia. So for that effortlessly cool look grab a pair to wear with your colored jeans or a cute skirt!

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