Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breaking A Style Rut - It's All In The Details

I've always admired women who change their look and style regularly. It speaks to their personality, confident women who are willing to try new things. Although I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to fashion myself I do find it very easy to fall in a rut. That's because it's easy to go with what you know works.

Being in a style rut came to the forefront of my mind in this last week as I watched the Duchess of Cambridge step out time and time again in a look I feel like I've seen a million times before. Yes, she always looks polished and pretty and she is very obviously sticking with what works for her shape. That predictability however can make it seem like there is a lack of personality there. For me her style always seems girly and as a woman who is 30 years old I feel like she is not yet confident enough in herself to enjoy being a woman and really playing with fashion. Am I reading too much into her simple belted a-line dresses and sensible shoes?

Now there is nothing wrong with having a signature look. Princess Mary of Denmark is another royal with a signature hairstyle who knows how to keep us guessing with her fashion. Always appropriate, always fashionable she is every inch the modern woman and slightly underrated in the style stakes. She keeps her look up to date and makes it her own with great details and accessories!

But how do we break a rut?

I've had long hair for several years now and even though the urge for change arises every few months I can never quite bring myself to do anything drastic. The reality is breaking a rut does not need to be that frightening, it could be as simple as taking down your everyday ponytail, changing your lipstick and blush or being daring with your accessories. It's all in the details. Most of these changes are noticeable but not permanent so there is no need for fear.

Look at what's trending and incorporate elements of it into your everyday style. If the thought of a neon / pastel dress against your skin is frightening opt for trending colors in a purse, bangle or shoes. If you dread wearing heels opt for kitten heels that keep you low to the ground and are not too difficult to walk on but are effortlessly feminine. Alternatively opt for wedges that give you the support and height for that long, lean silhouette. Instead of your ponytail or bun in the office opt for a simple braid or add a hair accessory just to change things up. Now see, is it really that hard to break rut? ;)

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