Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's the GoS - Katie Holmes First Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

We were quite intrigued to hear the announcement that Katie Holmes would be the first ever celebrity face of  Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

Having launched the label in 1991 the line was snapped up by Estee Lauder a short four years later because it is just that good!. In our humble opinion Bobbi Brown was one of the leading labels that was accessible to the wider public that actually catered to the coloration of the wider public. One of the reasons it never really needed a celebrity face to bring it to the forefront.

In a statement about Katies new appointment Bobbi Brown said - “Katie Holmes epitomizes the modern ‘Bobbi woman’… I think of her as the modern day Ali McGraw, who I have always admired,” says Bobbi Brown, “Katie is a classic natural beauty, entrepreneur, and mother. When I met her, I thought she was a natural fit for my brand, and felt an instant connection with her because we have so much in common.”

We have to agree wholeheartedly with Bobbi. Katie is a natural beauty and comes across as a hardworking mum, something that resonates with modern women across the globe. Her recent step away from Tom Cruise has shown she is capable, assertive and strong, fitting in perfectly with their catch phrase "pretty powerful".

Visually Katie is effortlessly pretty and her minimalist make up allows that natural beauty to shine through. We think Katie is the perfect ambassador for a brand that focusses on individual beauty. We look forward to seeing how we can all recreate that effortless beauty.

R&M @ GoS

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