Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Fail Friday - MTV Video Music Awards

It's been a while since we've put together a Fashion Fail Friday but thanks to the MTV Video Music Awards we didn't have to look very far.

One of the stand out trends of the night was over processed hair. There is only one lady who pulls this hair off for me and that is Gwen Stefani. One of the reasons it is an epic fail is that it's been done to death, it's boring, unoriginal and really does not look good on many people. So let this be a lesson.... Here's one trend that we probably shouldn't latch onto. People who have hairdressers and stylist in tow on a daily basis can't get it right!
To kick off the F.F.F we have Miley Cyrus. Poor thing always seems to feature in this section on our blog and it's nothing personal she just manages to get it so wrong when she gets it wrong. Let's face it, we need say nothing about that hair. The silliness speaks for itself. Paired with the very slinky black dress with witchy poo hemline it is all a bit bride of Frankenstein. Perhaps Miley is getting ready for Halloween early!

Dear, dear Ke$ha... I'm not sure why she was at these awards. I'm not even sure she is musically relevant but the lady showed us why she is not "fashionably" relevant. With hair the same color as her skin ... ashen ... all I get from this look ages her by about 30 years. I know it was the height of fashion to have gray hair for about a minute a while ago but even then the look makes no sense. Unless you are naturally gray why would you do this to yourself??? The outfit needs no commentary, baggy... saggy, unflattering and pidgeon toed. I know there's a pretty girl under there she just needs a real stylist to bring her out!

I have a soft spot for Amber Rose. I know she is a striking woman and she is one of the few women who should wear short hair but I'm a little tired of this super white hair. I think it's time for a change!

Finally, Pink. Little Miss Astro Boy herself. Pink was one of the forerunners with the shaved sides and super blonde pompadour. It's all part of the fun but it's a look that's hard to wear prettily or elegantly and it's all a bit .. "dime a dozen" these days... *yawn*

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