Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Wedding - That Pink Dress

I'm crazy about a wedding and the past few days I've curiously waited  to see what Jessica Biel would wear for her nuptuals to Justin Timberlake. I cannot say I am a fan of either party but my interest was certainly piqued when I heard how lavish the affair would be and considering they sold their photos I was sure there must be something they wanted to show us. FYI - selling your photos is a little tacky in my humble opinion.

Before we get to the pictures and I allow you to judge for yourself I should point out that a video was made for the wedding that asked homeless / disenfranchised people for their wedding wishes for the bride and groom as a joke. Granted the video was made by the couples' friends there is something so utterly tasteless in making those who are less fortunate than us the butt of our jokes. You can find further details about the video here  Oh No They Didn't! Having said that I'm sure Justin and Jessica will get their fair share of judgement on their wedding day....starting with mine...

Although I find Jessica to be quite hit and miss in the fashion stakes I still had high expectations for her wedding attire. To be perfectly honest, for all the hype, I am uninspired. Jessica chose to go very much on trend with a colored wedding dress . Her Giambattista Valli strapless gown with full layered skirt in petal pink is actually floral which can be difficult to see in these scanned images.

What do you think of Jessicas flower choice with her dress? I like the greenery but feel soft roses would have been a much prettier effect.
 For me her wedding dress was a little too much fairy floss and not enough substance. I quite like pastel pink and I can see this on a red carpet but as a wedding dress it feels lacking.
One thing I cannot fault is that the lady looks genuinely happy.
I'm quite delighted with the bridesmaid dresses. 

Do you think the $6.5 million was wisely spent?
Do you think they should have kept their wedding a private affair and not sold the pictures?
Would you choose a pink wedding dress?
Ronelle @ GoS

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