Thursday, October 18, 2012

Makeup Looks For Spring Summer Party Season - 2013 Trends

In keeping with my search for the perfect look for that "dressy casual" engagement party I've picked a few key makeup looks for those balmy evenings. Yes, we are getting ahead of ourselves by looking at the Spring Summer 2013 trends when we're only just heading into the Australian summer but who doesn't love to be ahead of the pack?

Straight from the runway we have two effects perfect for the dressy casual evening look. Focus is on the eyes or the lips, not both.

First up we have a returned focus on the lower lashes. On the model the waterline is clear or line it in white. Keeping the waterline clear or white opens the eye making it perfect for those of us with smaller eyes. Lower lashes are lengthened and darkened and the lashline has a smudging of brown or black liner.  Keep the tear duct open and brighten up with a touch of sparkle or bring in a color to make eyes pop. Skin is kept matte and lips neutral.

Keeping the focus on the eye faux lashes are still all the rage. A great way to minimise your make up efforts faux lashes are a bold look for evening. Keeping the rest of your makeup soft and neutral stops this look from getting into drag queen territory and draws attention to the windows of your soul. Keep the lower lashline soft and light to keep the eye open and bright.
Warmer seasons always see a return to warm erathy colors. 2013 calls for brown, camel and bronze highlights. The model wears lined eyes to bring this soft, natural finish into an evening look. Lining the waterline of the eye is perfect for those with large eyes as it closes the eye and makes them appear smaller.
Color is still a key look and it can be on your eyes or on your lips, not on both. Here we have a very muted face with a bold fuschia lip. For an evening look I'd add a slick of mascara and let your lips do all the talking.

My favorite evening / party look is not going away! YAY! The classic red lip will always be a make up staple for evening and for those bold enough to wear it during the day. Keep your bold lip up to date by making it matte. If red is not your thing opt for a matte fuschia. Keep the rest of your make up soft and neutral.

Ronelle @GoS

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