Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melbourne Cup 2012 Fashion Hits & Misses

Seeing as my last post was some ideas for what's hot for the Cup it seems only fitting that I should share a few looks from the race that stops a nation.

Melbourne Cup tends to be a little more out there so you always expect to see a little crazy in peoples looks. However there is something to be said for genius crazy that works...and that other kind of crazy that leaves you scratching your head!

From L-R Jesinta Campbell gave off that "scratch your head crazy" vibe in an unusual off centre turban head piece that simply does not work with her pretty white lace dress with peplum waist detail. I'm not loving the choice of shoes and handbag here either.

Kyly Clarke was one of my favorites in her orange and black ensemble. I love the color and simplicity, it's bold yet elegant.

Jennifer Hawkins was another one that left me feeling uneasy. As an ambassador for Myer I always have high expectations of the beauty but I feel this lilac and black look is all too busy and I don't understand the Bollywood hair accessory with this look.

Another look that was just a little too crazy for me was Delta Goodrem. Delta is a real beauty and I love her red carpet style because it's generally not too fussy. Something went horribly wrong on this occasion :( As much as we all love the flower crown it is just not a look for everyone. Paired with the tulle skirt / brocade bodice dress it's all wrong. Perhaps Delta didn't get the memo that it is Spring and that a Dior Fall gown would not fit the bill. Don't get me started on that odd choice of shoes. Apparently due to an injury flats were her only choice but did she have to choose those??

The other standout in the style stakes for me was Kate Waterhouse. I adore her lilac Gucci shift with Spring bloom detail around the neck. Her lilac veil is an interesting choice as it covers her whole face but seems fitting for a day that requires you to be a little eccentric. I love her ankle strap sandals with this look but I wish she'd opted for a color that picked up on the neckline of this dress, perhaps white / violet or gold.

I guess it just goes to show, it's all in the details. One great piece does not make a great outfit so style wisely!

Ronelle @ GoS

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