Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Inspiration - No Fuss Diy Ideas For Small Spaces

And the race to Christmas is on. Over the next few weeks forgive us if we seem a little Christmas centric. Yesterday I started making room for my Christmas tree in the hope that baby will be up this week. Mel reminded me of how much she hated having to put it up then take it all down again and how she never feels quite happy with the job she's done. With this in mind I thought I'd seek out some inspiration for unique and easy Christmas Tree ideas for those with small spaces or for those of us who are a little lazy ;)

If space is an issue think flat! We love this recycled wooden tree. Shouldn't take you too long to knock this one up and when Christmas is over take it out into the backyard in one swift movement and use it as a wall decoration! No mess, no fuss!

This "almost flat" shelving tree is another great little space saver that is unique and interesting. The outline of the tree is made with rope. This is another Christmas tree that will continue to be useful throughout the year with a few minor changes. Check out the diy details here and make your very own!

Still in keeping with wooden Christmas trees here's another lovely diy tree that takes up minimal space but will have everyone talking!

If diy is not your thing think PRINTS!!! How about creating your very own design and having it printed up like a piece of modern art!

Another super cute idea is wall art. This one was created using brown paper as a backdrop and physically drawing the tree with chalk. 

If going flat is not your idea of Christmas but you want something quick and easy that fits into a small space consider a beautifully potted small tree. 

Continuing with the potted tree theme this pretty bonsai is a unique take on the traditional Christmas tree that will continue to give you pleasure after the holiday season.

I guess the lesson here is Christmas trees don't have to be massive to create impact. They can be personalized to reflect our unique personalities and spaces and above all they can serve a purpose after the holiday season. Who doesn't love a gift that keeps on giving ;)

Ronelle @ GoS

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