Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steal Her Style Celebrity Edition - Rita Ora Vs Rihanna

In the past we've done a number of "Steal Her Style" blogs. The general idea is to get some inspiration from our favorite celebs in terms of what colors, cuts and designs are trending and then making it work for us mere mortals. It seems even celebrities "steal" each others' style however as was very evident between the two ladies of the moment Rita Ora and Rihanna.

Let the clone wars begin.....

I guess the tightie whitey dress and sneakers really was trending at the time.....
Leather, flames, two tone hair, red lips, chunky jewelry... those girls are on firrrrreeee

Pyjama party anyone?? Very few people have dared to embrace the trend making it even more curious that both these ladies wore such glaringly similar looks.... perhaps they're acting as decoys for each other?

Hmmm... yet another look that most won't dare to embrace but these ladies not only embrace the feathers they even chose the same color??
What do you think of the slinky black dress with plunging back? Sure Rita has sleeves and Rihanna doesn't...maybe we're reading too much into the whole clone thing ... ;)
Then then there's similar tattoo going on ... hmmmm .... maybe their label gets a two for one deal on EVERYTHING!

There's something to be said for individuality, even when you take inspiration from someone else. Being in the public eye makes it more obvious!

Ronelle @ GoS

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