Sunday, January 6, 2013

GoS - What's New For 2013

Hello all and welcome to 2013! Yes, I'm a little late, it's the thought that counts though right? So where have Mel & I been over the past few weeks? Well I can't say we've been lounging by the pool on a tropical island or anything, we've simply been caught up in the season.

Christmas and New Year is a very busy time for both of us as it is for most. It is a time when all else is set aside and family and loved ones are put first and given the appreciation and time we sometimes cannot give throughout the year. It is also a time of reflection, on the year that has been and the hopes for the year to come.

Personally I no longer make New Years' resolutions as I found June, just in time for my birthday - I would become depressed at all the resolutions I had not yet lived up to. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for goal setting and purpose but these days instead of making resolutions I am resolute to be the best I can be and all that encompasses. It's refreshingly satisfying to look back and focus on the things you did achieve rather than those you didn't. It gives hope!

Our hopes for the blog this year is to be consistent and to bring you the myriad of wonderful things that fills the days of the every day woman be it fashion, food, fun, frivolity, family, facts, the high, the lows, the in - betweens... you get the picture. We hope you will join us in conversation, share your thoughts, ideas and wishes.

For you and yours we wish you a New Year filled with joy, peace and love. May you see the beauty and potential even in the mundane. May you learn with us to be grateful for all we have instead of pining for that which we don't.

Thank you for your support through 2012 and we look forward to sharing a wonderful 2013 with you.

Ronelle @ GoS

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