Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grow Food Not Lawns - Gardening At Home

Hi all,

It's been some time since we've put up a blog as it's been particularly busy on this side of the world. The first quater of the year always seems to have a million bithday parties and events that keep our calenders filled but it's time to get back to work.

Today I wanted to share a wonderful Facebook page that inspires me everytime I log on. Grow Food Not Lawns is an amazing page that shares wondeful ideas on how to create gardens at home, even with limited space.

About 6 months ago my husband started our small garden in a teeny tiny space along the side of the house. We've already eaten tomatoes from our own soil and currently have a new bunch growing. We also currently have some lettuce, cucumbers and mint - our very own salad! Perhaps not the most diverse garden but it's a start and it has certainly inspired us to grow more.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some photos of our mini garden and photos of some of our families' gardens. This is definitely something everyone can do for themselves. For now here is some inspirational and clever ideas from Grow Food Not Lawns that you can try yourself!
Need to get rid of that bookshelf cluttering your house? How about turning it into a garden box for your balcony?1 Not only are you recycling, you're growing a manageable garden!

Still in the theme of recycling - don't buy plastic garden pots, use old bricks as mini planters. This is also a great way to get create\ive and design a decorative pattern or path in any sized garden.

One of the cutest and cleverest recycling ideas yet, little egg shell cups. Perfect for growing your seedlings on the kitchen bench!

Let's all get our thuimbs green!  Enjoy!
Ronelle @ GoS

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