Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last minute Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers Day tomorrow.. a time to celebrate and give thanks for all that mum does. If you haven't had a chance to get mum anything yet please do not opt for the servo flowers that having been sitting there for the last week! There is still time.

Give mum a gift of substance... and no we're not referring to you buying something from us (although... we won't complain if you want to!).

There are so many ways to allow mum to be a part of something meaningful by making a donation to a worthwhile cause in mums name and allowing mum to make a difference in someone elses life too. Here are just a few causes. You could always choose something close to mums heart. Unicef has some wonderful options for gift giving. With gifts starting from as little as $10 you can help with everything from education to health. Breast Cancer Research


How about giving mum the whole day off. No cooking, no cleaning just a day to be pampered and spoiled. Put on her favorite movie and spend some quality time with her. It won't cost you a cent!

Breakfast in bed is always a great option... who doesn't like to greet the world with a mouth full of pancakes. We even got you a great recipe!

Most importantly let's make sure our mums know how important they are to us on this day. Get a card or write a note and let mum know she is loved and appreciated. No gift great or small could ever mean as much as words from your heart!

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