Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fashion Fail Friday - MTV Movie Awards Worst Dressed

This week gave us the 2012 Mtv Movie Awards and with it some fashion failures! The one common trend was "cut outs". Cut outs can be hard to wear for anyone and it is a rare ocassion that it actually looks good but here are two ladies who gave us a definitive "How NOT to wear cut out detail".

First up we have Julianne Hough. A slashy by trade... singer / actress / ballroom dancer. Julianne decided to take her slashy status to extremes by slashing the middle of her dress. Unfortunately all this succeeded in doing was making her middle look wide and her overall look cheap. Add this to the too short, too tight skirt and her parted leg stance and we have a massive FAIL!

Next up we have Brooke Hogan. Not known for anything other than her dad... Hulk Hogan and her hideous fashion sense at least Brooke is consistent in her bad styling. Brooke too opted to embrace the cut out trend as well as the sequin trend. Again, the cut out created a wide silhouette and the uber short sparkly dress invoked images of stripper couture. We also have some concern for Brookes graduated skin color!

So ladies let's take a hint... cut out detail does not flatter the feminine figure and uber short is not a sign of style and taste.

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