Monday, November 12, 2012

MTV Europe 2012 Fashion Fails

It's been a while since I've done a Fashion Fail Friday but yesterdays MTV Europe Awards red carpet left me so disturbed I simply could not wait for Friday.

I always expect a little OTT at MTV awards, even more so when it's in Europe but there is quirky and OTT then there is just plain wrong.....

One of my least favorite looks of the night was Heidi Klum. I've seen this dress and those shoes on the runway and even then it was a questionable design choice. It saddens me that Versace is pulling out yea olde designs :( Why Heidi...why???

Coming in a very close second was Rita Ora in Marchesa. In a case of good dresses going bad the problem was not the dress, it was the wearer. Rita gets away with her overly yellow hair with dark roots on most days but it ruins and cheapens an otherwise regal dress.

Kim Kardashian, although not the worst dressed did look like she had tacked on a tail of black plastic bags in a Stephanie Rolland creation reminiscent of Ursula the sea witch. Perhaps we should give her a thumbs up for recycling?

Finally Lana Del Ray has left me somewhat confused. I quite like her midnight blue satin crossover dress but it seems out of place on an MTV red carpet. The bouffant beehive channeling Priscilla Presley back in the days of her marriage to Elvis makes me think Lana has not quite got over Halloween.

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