Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas - Fabric Wrap

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing everyones' gifts under the tree. There is nothing nicer than seeing pretty packages all tied up in bows. Generally it ends up being alot of work considering everyone rips off the wrapping in 5 seconds flat! Last year I decided to mix it up a bit and try something new so I wrapped a few of my gifts in beautiful little scarves to create a two in one gift! Wrapping gifts in fabric is limited only by your imagination - you can go super traditional or give your Christmas a modern twist. So here are a few ideas for wonderful gift wrapping ideas that will have your friends and family gasping in delight!

To wrap a gift within a gift look for light and pretty scarves, sarongs or tablecloths in a size that suits your gifts. 

Keep a theme going by wrapping a gift for the kitchen in a tea towel! This year I'm doing little jars of loose leaf teas wrapped in a tea towel with a tea pot print (i'll show you as soon as I start wrapping!) For more ideas check out uponafold.com.au

Even bottles and jars that are usually very hard to wrap work well in fabric wrapping. AND you end up with less mess when all the gifts are unwrapped! YAY!

Beautifully printed fabrics are a great wrapping idea for those crafty loved ones who can re - purpose them by using the pieces in a quilt, pretty pillowcase or makeup bag. 

So let your imagination run wild and choose an eco - friendly gift wrap that keeps on giving! Don't forget using real ribbons and string is also a great alternative as your loved ones will keep them and use them again. Here at GoS it's all about giving things a second life so give it a go!

Ronelle @ GoS

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